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Faculty and Staff

Educating from the heart.

For a Salesian educator, the potential for learning lies in every experience that a student has on campus, whether that be in the classroom, on the playing field, or anywhere in between. It is in the daily interactions between our faculty and staff and our students that we see some of the greatest lessons being passed on with love. 

Don Bosco said that an educator who appeared only in the classroom would be seen just as a teacher.  At St. John Bosco, we believe that for an educator who spends time with their students and supports them outside the classroom, the capacity to be a positive influence increases. 

St. John Bosco's team of educators - teachers, coaches, administrators & staff - are its most valuable resource. We are blessed to have an incredible group of men and women on campus who are dedicated, present, and passionate about their work. 

Faculty & Staff Directory

“Remember that education is a matter of the heart”

- St. John Bosco