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Faculty and Staff

St. John Bosco's team of teachers, coaches and administrators are its most important resource, dedicated to providing the best academic and athletic experience for our students.

Salesian educators strive to instill within their students a work ethic based on mutual trust, confidence, respect and collaboration. St. John Bosco High School's faculty and staff continue to redefine Don Bosco’s ideals:

“Education is a Matter of the Heart.” 

We strive to instill within our students strong work ethic, confidence, respect and collaboration. We serve our students as advisers, creating a welcoming environment where every young man can maximize his potential to become something greater than himself.

“Remember that education is a matter of the heart, of which God is the sole master, and we will be unable to achieve anything unless God teaches us, and puts the key in our hands. Let us strive to make ourselves loved, and we will see the doors of many hearts open with great ease, and join with us in singing praises and blessing of Him who wished to make himself our model, our way, our example in everything, but especially in the education of the young…”

-Don Bosco