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Dennis Mulhaupt
(562) 920-1734 ext. 220

Dennis Mulhaupt

Dr. Christian De Larkin
(562) 920-1734 ext. 280

Eric Young
Executive Director of External Affairs
(562) 920-1734 ext. 311

Memo Gutierrez
Vice Principal of Student Affairs
(562) 920-1734 ext. 256

Memo Gutierrez

Edgar Salmingo
Vice Principal of Academic Affairs
(562) 920-1734 ext. 225

Monty McDermott
Director of Athletics
(562) 920-1734 ext. 250

Adan Jaramillo '04
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Director of Student Activities
(562) 920-1734 ext. 596

Fr. Nick Reina, SDB
Director of St. John Bosco High School & Salesian Community

Members of the Corporation

The Salesian Family is a spiritual movement in the Catholic Church. It brings together all of the groups which share Don Bosco's mission to youth and work in his spirit. Don Bosco himself founded the Salesian Society, the Salesian Sisters, the Cooperators and Past Pupils. Since then, over 20 groups have been added to the Salesian Family.

Together, they are signs and bearers of the love of the Father, made known by Jesus in the power of the Spirit, for young people the world over. Their role at St. John Bosco High School is to preserve the school’s mission and tradition as prescribed by John Bosco.

Mr. Bill Goodman
Coordinator of Education, Western Province of the Salesians of St. John Bosco

Bro. Al Vu
Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Western Province of the Salesians of St. John Bosco

Fr. Ted Montemayor, Provincial
Pastor, St. Dominic Savio Catholic Church - Bellflower

Fr. Nick Reina, SDB
Director, St. John Bosco High School and Salesian Community

Fr. Tho Bui