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Mission and Vision

A school of choice for young men to prepare for college and live the values of good Christians and honest citizens.

It is our mission and vision that drives everything we do as Salesian educators at St. John Bosco High School. We invite you to explore our mission, vision, integral student outcomes and strategic plan below. 

St. John Bosco High School is a Salesian Catholic college preparatory school in which young men are accompanied in the spirit of Don Bosco with reason, religion and loving kindness in their formation to be good Christians and honest citizens in the image of Jesus Christ.

We strive for excellence in Salesian Catholic male formation through the Salesian Oratory model and philosophy; we are a Home that welcomes, we are a School that educates the heart and mind, we are a Church that nurtures faith, we are a Playground that celebrates life and others. By doing so, we are a school of choice for young men to prepare for college and live the values of good Christians and honest citizens.

REASON: Students who have purpose and understanding behind all decisions. Students use logic, good intentions, and fairness to build their purpose.

RELIGION: Students who live life in such a way as to reflect Salesian values. Students engage in their Salesian practice by committing to spiritual growth and service.

LOVING KINDNESS: Students who hold high expectations for themselves and others, value different perspectives, and treat everyone with respect.

In 2022, our school conducted a rigorous process of self-evaluation. Upon completion, our application was reviewed by the governance committee, and we earned a six-year accreditation from the Western Catholic Education Association and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition, St. John Bosco High School was certified by the Salesian Society as a Member of the System of Salesian Secondary Schools. These accomplishments were achieved with a rigorous work ethic, strong collaboration across departments and insightful contributions by all.

As soon as we received the accreditation, our school leadership began working on a strategic plan that provides an opportunity to further enhance our Salesian philosophy aligning it with our accreditation goals. We began our strategic planning process by providing all parents, students, and staff an opportunity to share their voice with a community engagement survey and targeted focus groups. Our strategic plan is built on the feedback and perspective of our St. John Bosco community. This strategic plan will outline the school's goals for the future and set us on a path for expansive growth, steadfast improvement, and innovative advancement. This blueprint will ensure St. John Bosco High School continues to deliver a top student experience for decades to come.

Since the 2020-21 academic year, our administration has made continuous progress and upgrades in many areas. We have included an appendix in our strategic plan that illustrates this progress and how it sets the stage for the next six years. We are proud to share with you our 2023 Strategic Plan. By implementing this plan, we believe St. John Bosco will transform an existing great school into an “international school of choice.”

Download the Strategic Plan Here

"Give me souls; take away the rest."

Don Bosco