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Mission & Values

St. John Bosco High School is a Catholic high school in the Salesian tradition that strives to:

  • Provide a safe environment for learning and celebrating Christian life
  • Embrace diversity as an advantage for our school community
  • Encourage the highest standards of excellence in academic, athletic and community efforts
  • Develop young men, parents, faculty and staff with the spirit to contribute to our school, our communities, and our country
  • Maintain our commitment to the legacy of St. John Bosco through our faith, fellowship and funding
  • Apply a positive moral work ethic to our environment
  • Give assistance to all in need of our passion for living and learning in the ways of Saint John Bosco

The young man who chooses St. John Bosco High School is challenged by a school which is both Catholic and Salesian, and one that offers him the opportunities to develop his “whole person" spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, culturally, artistically and physically.

The school recognizes itself as a Catholic faith community that reflects tolerance, global concern, love and understanding among students, parents, teachers, administrators and alumni. This atmosphere is sensitive to the individual needs of the student. Each student is taught a basic core curriculum within a Catholic and Salesian philosophy of education, in support of the parent or guardian as the primary educator of the young man. The graduate of St. John Bosco High School should be able to integrate Catholic values into his daily life as an active member of his family, church and society.

In addition, the school recognizes itself as a Salesian center for family, parish, education and recreation which is characterized by a method based upon familiarity, affection and trust. St. John Bosco wrote, “Without familiarity, there is no love expressed, and without love expressed there is no trust.” As a result, a special bond of mutual respect and love is nurtured between student and educator.


  • We believe that God loves young people.
  • We believe that Jesus wants to share his life with young people.
  • We believe that his spirit is present in them and through them he wants to build a more authentic and human Christian community.
  • We believe that God is awaiting us in the young to offer us the grace of meeting with him.
  • We believe that no young person can be excluded from our hope and activity.
  • We believe that in each young person God has placed the beginning of his new life.