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St. John Bosco High School Academic Decathlon Team Wins Second Place in International Competition
SJB Update

St. John Bosco High School's delegation of 6 teams of 17 students participated in the Los Angeles round of the World Scholar's Cup. Held on April 30, this round was the largest ever in North America with over 200 participants from public and private schools all over Southern California.

The team of juniors Derek Wadsworth and Ethan Wadsworth and sophomore Connor Roohan finished second place overall. As a result of their performance, they qualified and will advance to the global round of competition in Melbourne, Australia. The top finishers of the global rounds then participate in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in November.

Ethan Wadsworth finished first place overall, earning the highest possible individual score amongst all participants. St. John Bosco finished with 40 individual medals and seven team awards.

Congratulations to our Academic Decathlon team for all of their accomplishments!


Thomas Fierro: Silver (38th place in Writing)
Luis Frias: 2 Silver (8th place in History, 59th place in Writing)
Robert Hernandez: Silver (16th place in Arts)
Andro Labastida: Silver (66th place in Debate)
Regil Machete: Gold (Da Vinci Scholar)
Carlos Medina: 2 Silver (15th place in Arts, 12th place in Special Area)
Alfred Munoz: Gold (3rd place in Social Studies)
Rudy Olivera: Silver (Da Vinci Scholar)
Joshua Paul: Silver (7th place in Literature)
Aaron Pena: Silver (Da Vinci Scholar)
Brandon Portillo: Silver (Da Vinci Scholar)
Connor Roohan: 2 Gold (9th place in Writing, 19th place overall score), 2 Silver (8th place in Social Studies, 44th place in Debate)
John Udabe: Gold (1st place Da Vinci Scholar)
Derek Wadsworth: 2 Gold (2nd place in Literature, 15th place in Writing), 2 Silver (18th place in Scholar's Challenge, 37th place overall score)
Ethan Wadsworth: 8 Gold (1st place overall score, 1st place in Arts, 4th place in Literature, 6th place in Science, 1st place in Scholar's Challenge, 27th place in Debate, 13th place in Writing, 1st place in School), 3 Silver (12th in Social Studies, 10th place in History, 8th in Special Area)


Tommy Fierro, Luis Frias, Gemson Labastida

- 17th overall in Collaborative Writing
- Global Round Qualifiers

Elijah Giangualano, Valley Lin, Joshua Paul

- 22nd in Scholar's Bowl
- Global Round Qualifiers

Robert Hernandez, Carlos Medina, John Udabe

- Global Round Qualifiers

Alfred Munoz, Aaron Pena, Brandon Portillo

- Global Round Qualifiers

Connor Roohan, Derek Wadsworth, Ethan Wadsworth

- 14th in Team Debate
- 6th in Scholar's Bowl
- 2nd in Scholar's Challenge
- 1st in Collaborative Writing
- 2nd highest overall score
- Global Round Qualifiers

The World Scholar's Cup is a rigorous academic international competition that has over 100 regional rounds in the world. Top participants advance to the global round in the summer in either Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Barcelona, Spain; or Melbourne, Australia.

At each competition, students compete individually in a multiple-choice test event containing questions in science, history, social studies, literature, art and a special area. Students work together in three additional events: collaborative essay, team debate, and the Scholar's Bowl.

The World Scholar's Cup Team is coached by Mr. Edgar Salmingo, Jr., Vice Principal of Academic Affairs of St. John Bosco High School.