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Biomedical Pathway Students tour UCI Medical Center

Biomedical students tour UCI Medical Center and see firsthand what happens "behind the scenes." Click here to read all about it!

Last week, students in the Biomedical Pathway were treated to a special behind-the-scenes tour of UCI Medical Center in Irvine. Students were greeted by Dr. Rimal Bera, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCI School of Medicine, who gave an informative presentation on the medical field and the important aspects of what medical schools are looking for. After the presentation the students received a behind the scenes tour of the emergency room, the psych ward, cardiology unit, and the ICU. In each of those departments they were given an overview by a nurse, attending physician, or a resident. After the tour, Dr. Bera's son - a third year medical student - answered questions and discussed his medical school experience. It was an excellent cap to a great year of preparation for their future education and careers in medicine! Thank you to UCI School of Medicine and Dr. Bera for your wonderful hospitality!