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Sister School

St. John Bosco High School enjoys a special relationship with Saint Joseph High School, a Catholic all-girls school located in Lakewood. Known as our "Sister School," Saint Joseph interacts with St. John Bosco High School throughout the school year as students gather for numerous special events, dances, activities and theatrical productions.

The cooperation between the schools provides a safe, healthy environment for social development and friendship-building among the students. Such interaction has been a valued tradition for many decades.

The Following is a List of the Annual Activities Shared with Saint Joseph's Students:

  • Drama Productions
  • Freshman Class Social
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Senior Luau
  • Winter Formal
  • Brave Jam
  • Sophomore Lock-In
  • Trading Places
  • Basketball Homecoming Activities
  • Saint Joseph Fashion Show
  • Senior Countdown Dance
  • Prom
  • Senior Brunch
  • Junior Class Picnic
  • Band & Color Guard