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We strive to prepare students for the next step of their academic lives and beyond that, the professional world. During four years of English classes, students at St. John Bosco High School explore a wide variety of authors, eras and genres; they are also taught to express their thoughts clearly and articulately through creative writing projects, essays and long-form critical research papers.

Meet Our Faculty

Mr. Michael Bartelt

Titles: English Instructor, Assistant Basketball Coach, Advisor, The Brave News
Departments: English , SJB Faculty, The Brave News
Phone Numbers:
School: ext. 504

Mrs. Judith Day

Titles: English Department Lead, The Brave Moderator
Departments: English , SJB Faculty
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x586

Mr. Jake Holke

Titles: English Instructor
Departments: English , World Languages , SJB Faculty
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x507

Mr. Vince Vigil

Class of 1995
Titles: English Instructor/Football Coach, Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach, Assistant Frosh Football Coach
Departments: English , SJB Faculty, Athletics
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x591