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The core of the Mathematics Department is to complement the school's overall philosophy in the development of the whole person. The study of mathematics helps to develop thinking skills, to order thoughts, to develop logical arguments, and to make valid inferences. The mathematics program is a sequential discipline whose focus is to educate the students to reason logically and to use mathematical techniques effectively.

The Sequential Approach
St. John Bosco High School offers a sequential approach in its curriculum. The mathematics program has a detailed sequence of course offerings in order to meet the needs of the students to insure their ability to fulfill the goals of mathematical education and to challenge their individual abilities.

Marymount California University has partnered with St. John Bosco High School to offer a concurrent enrollment program where high school students have the opportunity to earn Marymount California University credit while taking select AP courses. Students can register and enroll through Marymount California University
and receive a college transcript. This transcript can earn students transfer credit when applying to college.

Students should be sure to check articulation agreements with their desired colleges before enrolling. Articulation agreements between Marymount California University
and the UC/CSU system can be checked on Students will have to contact private and out of state colleges for articulation agreements with Marymount California University.

Earn College Credit Through

Marymount California University


AP Statistics
  • MTH 270 - Introductory Statistics (4 Units)
AP Calculus AB
  • MTH 130 - Calculus I (4 Units)
AP Calculus BC
  • MTH 130 - Calculus I (4 Units)
  • MTH 131 - Calculus II (4 Units)

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Department Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

  1. Goal: Develop facility and accuracy in simple computation (Concept and Skills)
    • Objective: Use mental arithmetic in simple calculations
    • Objective: Use a calculator when mental computation is inefficient
    • Objective: Use estimation to establish reasonableness of result
  2. Goal: Formulate approaches with problem situations (Problem Solving)
    • Objective: Formulate key questions
    • Objective: Select the appropriate strategies
    • Objective: Solve the strategies
  3. Goal: Interpret data (Applications)
    • Objective: Use a variety of approaches judging the validity of the information
    • Objective: Organize and present data

Calculator Information

Below is information about the required calculator for students at St. John Bosco High School; these calculators will be used for Math and in select Science courses (Chemistry and Physics).

Class of 2018: TI-Nspire*
Class of 2017: TI-Nspire*
Class of 2016: TI-Nspire*
Class of 2015: TI-Nspire*

*Any model of the Nspire listed on the attachment is acceptable. Feel free to shop around for pricing. is always a good option to find used Nspires.

Ernest Antonelli

Titles: Mathematics Department Lead
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x232

Kelly Blakeman

Titles: Mathematics Instructor
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x581

Jacob Negro

Titles: Mathematics Instructor/Football Coach, Head Frosh Football Coach
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x222

Salvador Perez

Titles: Mathematics Instructor
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 x510

Allegra Weinstein

Titles: Mathematics and Science Instructor
Phone Numbers:
School: 562-920-1734 ext. 512