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Tribe Robotics

Tribe Robotics is a team made up of students from St. John Bosco High School and Saint Joseph High School. FRC 4123 demonstrates the aspects of STEM, Teamwork, and of course Robotics.

Established in 2013, Tribe Robotics FRC 4123 brings together professional mentors with enthusiastic and passionate students. Our mission is to inspire students to explore, experience and appreciate science, technology, engineering, math and design through hands on participation in FIRST Robotics competitions (FRC). 

Tribe Robotics depends on sponsorship for the majority of its budget each year. Sponsorship can take many forms: access to machinery that we would otherwise be unable to afford or use (e.g. plasma cutters and digital mills), materials or services, mentorship or monetary donations. 

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Support Tribe Robotics!

Support Tribe Robotics with a monetary and materials donations, or through mentorship. 

Become a Sponsor

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