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#BackToBosco Campus Reopening Plan

Academic Program

This year, St. John Bosco High School plans to facilitate student learning regardless of students' ability to be on campus. We understand: 

  • Safer at Home orders may result in campus closures again during the school year
  • Students may be immunocompromised or live with immunocompromised home members and must remain in quarantine
  • Members of the school community may contract COVID-19 and will need to quarantine
  • Families may not yet be comfortable sending their sons to campus on a full-time basis
  • We firmly believe that all students should have access to high-quality learning experiences throughout their high school years

As a result, and based on state and county recommendations, our academic program will provide both remote and in person learning concurrently in the following phases:

  • Remote Phase: Full time remote learning. This phase will be implemented if public health officials order a quarantine.

  • Hybrid Phase: Hybrid combination of on-campus and remote learning. This phase may be implemented for a specific group of students or the entire campus population if a member of our school community tests positive for COVID-19.

  • Physical Distancing Phase: On-campus classes with implementation of social distancing, frequent sanitizing, limited large group gatherings, and other proactive measures to minimize spread of infection.

  • Immunity Phase: On-campus classes with business resumed "as normal."


Learning Plan Options

Please Note: Although all students are welcome to return to in-person daily instruction, parents who wish for their son(s) to learn remotely or in a hybrid of remote and in-person classes will have an opportunity to do so by notifying the school. The process for notifying the school will be covered in the July 15 parent meeting. Students who do not physically attend class can do so virtually through private live video conferencing during on campus learning experiences



SJB will continue to utilize Schoology, our platform for online learning (POL) in concert with in person instruction to act as a 24/7 homebase for student learning and parent communication. For 2020-2021 we will continue to tap into our POL’s ability to integrate and connect over 200 educational tools to support student learning. Schoology allows for SJB to concurrently educate students physically and remotely and enhances our ability to create more personalized learning plans, monitor student progress, measure student learning, allow remote students to actively participate in and record in person or synchronous classes, and provide data driven feedback for students.