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#BackToBosco Campus Reopening Plan

Course Scheduling

As a result of this proactive measure, our academic program will implement a 9 to 10 week quarter system to deliver 8 courses to students throughout the year (see Figure 1). Students will begin the year taking the first 4 courses (Periods 1-4) in their schedule during the first quarter (August-October). During the second quarter (October-December), they will begin the second group of courses (Periods 4-8). When students return in January for quarter 3, they will take the second half of periods 1-4. In quarter 4 (March-May), they will complete the remaining courses (Periods 5-8). This change, in addition to the implementation of decreased class sizes (17-20) will decrease students' in class exposure to other students by over 55%. 

The quarter system reconfigures the academic schedule by increasing the time in class per week per course and decreasing the amount of courses taken simultaneously. This approach increases students' ability to focus, time manage, and engage. It also decreases teacher caseloads, which will lead to an environment of increased personalized learning for all students. On average, teachers averaged 140 students in their caseload all year. This fall, teachers will instruct and manage up to 80 students each semester. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses will meet during the fall and spring terms and be completed prior to May testing. During the spring quarters, AP classes will have dedicated time carved out of the schedule so students can focus solely on preparing for the spring AP examinations. 


Quarter System Schedule

Figure 1: Quarter Block Schedule 


Figure 2: Sample Daily Schedule (Quarter 1)  


Please review our FAQ for a list of questions. For more information, please email Mr. Adan Jaramillo, Health & Safety Team lead, at

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