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#BackToBosco Campus Reopening Plan

Our Approach

Through proactive safety measures, innovative educational practices, and adherence to CDC, State of California, and County of Los Angeles guidelines, St. John Bosco High School will offer on-campus instruction for its students five days a week, beginning August 17, 2020. 

As we return to campus, we will make every effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to modify our practices as needed; we are committed to transparent and consistent communication with our students, families, faculty, staff and community supporters. 

We will focus our efforts in the following four areas: 

  • Physical distancing throughout campus
    • 5-6 ft of spacing between student desks and other campus seating areas.
    • Directional signage throughout the campus
    • Modified/Virtual campus gatherings
    • Use of face coverings or face shields for staff and students
  • Daily wellness screening
    • Temperature checks prior to entering campus for all staff, students, visitors
    • Implementation of symptom self-reporting policy for all staff and students
    • Designated area on campus for staff or students exhibiting symptoms
  • Limited student grouping
    • Closed campus to all visitors except students, employees, and essential vendors
    • Parent drop offs of lunch, athletic gear, and other items will be prohibited
    • Reconfiguration of 7-Period school day/week
    • Implementation of block periods and quarter system
    • Staggered start and end times and designated areas for breaks & lunch
  • Enhancement of campus and community sanitation practices
    • Increased student and staff hand washing and campus wide sanitizer stations
    • Limited sharing of personal items and supplies
    • Frequent cleaning of high touch areas and surfaces throughout the day including prior to each period


Please review our FAQ for a list of questions. For more information, please email Mr. Adan Jaramillo, Health & Safety Team lead, at

Frequently Asked Questions