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#BackToBosco Campus Reopening Plan

Parent Survey

In June 2020, St. John Bosco parents received a survey with questions regarding the 2020-2021 academic year. We received responses from 466 parents - more than half of our parents. We are excited to share highlights from the survey below. Thank you to all of the parents who provided feedback! Survey objectives included: 

  • Assess quality of remote learning experience during the spring semester
  • Assess top educational priorities of families for fall instruction & scheduling

Survey Results


What we learned overall is that most families want to return to campus (87% wish to return to on-campus learning) and our families appreciate the quality of education Bosco has provided throughout this time. After further analysis of the family survey we adjusted the school schedule to better support and address the following:

  • Students' year-round engagement in academics courses especially AP courses, extracurriculars, strength & conditioning, athletics
  • Increased academic support

To read more about these changes, please visit the Academic Program section of this site. 

Top Priorities for Families

  • Minimize Health Risks - 66%
  • Consistency for how my son engages in learning day-to-day - 55%
  • Having academic structure that supports my son's needs - 45%
  • Being able to have my son participate in athletics and extracurricular activities - 43%

Schedule Preferences

  • 50% of families prefer to return to school physically 5 days a week
  • 37% of families prefer to physically return to school 2-3 times per week
  • 13% of families prefer to continue remote learning from home every day

Quotes from Parents

"Our biggest concern is the health safety of our son and all the boys. I think the school has done an amazing job communicating with us and the students and the quality of teaching during this unusual time. We are so grateful for all you’ve done for us. As previously mentioned the only thing we’re worried about is staying healthy."

"We are very grateful for the excellent consistent communication from the staff & teachers during our son’s at home learning time. We have a high risk household & appreciated the outreach & caring attitude of the teachers & staff that helped my son feel part of Bosco, even while learning from home, and in quarantine."

"I was very glad when the class method changed to synchronized daily instruction as it gave us (him) a greater connection to the school."