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Counseling & Guidance

The St. John Bosco High School Counseling & Guidance team is dedicated to the care and development of each student. The Counseling & Guidance department supports students with academic and personal counseling throughout their years at St. John Bosco High School. Counselors are focused on assisting students as they make decisions that will affect their education, and the department strives to implement programs that will enable them to reach their full potential at St. John Bosco and beyond.

Counselors coordinate the school counseling and guidance program and involve all staff members in designing and implementing plans to meet three major goals:

  • Educational Development
  • Personal/Social Development
  • Career Development & College Readiness

On-going personal counseling for St. John Bosco students is available throughout the school year. Our goal is to help students move through high school with proper guidance and support in order to achieve greater success in the fulfillment of their high school goals and post high school plans.

As Counselors We Provide:

  • Guidance & advice
  • Ask probing questions
  • Make recommendations & suggestions
  • Inform Braves of the many opportunities available to them

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