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College Counseling

As Bosco students go through their high school experience, we take great care in guiding them and their families through their personal college search process to help them find the right fit. As a department, we believe that the search process should be primarily focused on discovering colleges/universities that offer the student an education and experience that will enable them to pursue their future aspirations. Counselors work collaboratively with families to discern their goals and financial needs, and to define their expectations. Through this collaborative partnership, a well-balanced list will be developed. After admission decisions are received, counselors will support students throughout the final college decision-making process.

  • What Colleges Are Looking For: As you plan courses with your counselor, please note that colleges want to see you challenge yourself in all four years of high school. Most colleges evaluate your application by looking at:
    • Your academic GPA
    • The quality of your college prep courses (AP and Honors courses), what you took and how you performed, including senior year
    • Your SAT and/or ACT standardized test scores
    • Extracurricular activities (community service, clubs, leadership activities, internships)
    • Special talents, awards or achievements in your high school experience (visual/performing arts, athletics, etc.)