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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the guidelines for repeating a course?

It is strongly recommended that any student with a final semester grade below a “C-“ enrolls in a summer school course at St. John Bosco High School or other accredited high school program (prior approval from an academic counselor or the principal is required).

The following conditions apply to b
oth semester final grades:

  • It is important that the student repeat the correct course and semester, so please confer with an academic counselor if you are unsure.
  • Students with mid semester 2 grades below a “C-“ should plan to repeat these courses via our summer school program, especially if the course is for college entrance (i.e., “A-G” College Preparatory Requirements).
  • Students with final first semester grades below a “C-“ should continue to monitor their grades through the Netclassroom system, and speak with their teacher often, but also register for summer school in early spring to ensure a spot IN CASE a course needs to be repeated. An “F” grade in a required course for graduation must be made up so that the student is not deficient in credits.
  • Four year colleges do not accept “D” or “F” grades in required courses such as English, Math, Sciences, History, World Languages and Visual/Performing Arts.Students with multiple “D’s” and “F’s” in a semester are required to take at least one course in the St. John Bosco High School summer school program. Additional courses may be taken through National University’s Virtual High School ( or other accredited high school program (prior approval from an academic counselor or the principal is required).
  • Science courses must be taken in a classroom-based program to ensure the completion of labs: science and visual/performing arts courses may not be repeated online.
  • Courses repeated for college entrance should be UC certified and approved by NCAA (if the student is a college bound athlete).
  • To facilitate the college admissions process, all repeated courses should be completed before the start of the senior year.

How do I change my son's schedule?

The St. John Bosco High School policy regarding schedule changes is: we only allow schedule changes up until the second week of an academic semester. This is for many reasons, including the fact that having to catch up in a class one or two weeks into the semester is not optimal for academic success, but also because our master schedule is made based upon student course selections in the preceding year. Important decisions - foremost being staffing - are predicated on the master schedule. We also do not allow course changes based solely on teacher preference. If you feel that there is an extraordinary circumstance relating to a course change that requires further discussion, contact Dr. DeLarkin.

How to Check Your Son's Report Card

Please note that these grades are used as a progress report and for eligibility purposes. Quarter 1 grades are not recorded on transcripts; only grades earned at the end of each semester are listed on transcripts.

  1. Go to and enter your user name and password.

2. Click on Grade History.

3. View Q1 grades (it should be the first screen that opens when you click Grade History).