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As part of your plan to apply for Financial Aid for college, please consider applying for Merit Based (Academic) or Need Based Scholarships.

  • You can start by searching excellent online site where you will find information on scholarship opportunities across the United States:
  • Ask your counselor or visit the Counseling & Guidance Office for local or private scholarships.
  • Search your community. Ask local businesses or charitable organizations for opportunities. Ask you parents if the company they work for offers scholarships. Visit your local public library for resources to help you search.
  • Ask the financial aid office at the college you have chosen to attend if they offer campus or major specific scholarships.
  • Beware of SCAMS. Never pay a fee to apply for scholarships.
  • Be prepared to spend time organizing your college resume and completing the applications by their deadlines.

Helpful Links:

  • 12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship

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As part of St. John Bosco High School's effort to support the academic endeavors of its students, the school provides tutoring opportunities throughout the school year:

One-on-One Student Tutoring
Private tutoring is available by request to students in the morning before class begins. Students may make arrangements with their teachers, as needed. Teachers are available for a total of two (2) hours daily outside of class time to help all students. Teachers are available 30 minutes before school, during breaks, lunch period and for one hour after school.