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Academic Departments


During four years of English classes, students at St. John Bosco High School explore a wide variety of authors, eras and genres; they are also taught to express their thoughts clearly and articulately through creative writing projects, essays and long-form critical research papers.  

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The core of the Mathematics Department is to complement the school's overall philosophy in the development of the whole person. The study of mathematics helps to develop thinking skills, to order thoughts, to develop logical arguments, and to make valid inferences. The mathematics program is a sequential discipline whose focus is to educate the students to reason logically and to use mathematical techniques effectively.

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The Science Department is committed to offering a challenging academic science program as well as providing many exciting opportunities for students to explore and learn about the scientific world.

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Social Studies

The primary objective of the Social Studies Department is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who can function productively in a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world. Through an integrated study of social studies disciplines, students will acquire necessary knowledge, skills and awareness as they become lifelong learners.

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Strength & Conditioning


St. John Bosco's Strength and Conditioning Department builds champions and helps our student-athletes achieves success in every aspect of life. Through a comprehensive program, we use the latest methods in the field of strength and conditioning to enhance the athletic development of our athletes and students while reducing the risk of injury.

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies students are taught to understand our diverse and rapidly changing world while learning much about themselves. This comparative field of study imbues students with the ability to assess diverse actions, traditions, and values. 

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Visual & Performing Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts Department holds the belief that the arts are one of humanity's most eloquent means of understanding the world. Through the arts, we share the highest achievements of every culture and find a universal language which permits communication among all peoples. As such, the arts are an essential component of a complete education.

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World Languages

The Department of World Languages offers the study of major world languages such as French, Mandarin, and Spanish. The program is designed to increase students’ linguistic and practical skills and broaden their awareness of the culture they are studying.

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