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The Bosco Difference

Our students are known personally and belong to a supportive community. St. John Bosco High School’s student population is small enough to allow teachers and staff to get to know students as individuals and respond to their specific learning needs. Students are expected to make a personal commitment to excellence and are provided with a supportive, engaging climate to help them realize this goal. Each student has a detailed academic plan and receives frequent and ongoing guidance from his academic counselor. In addition, parents are encouraged to be active partners in their son’s academic endeavors. At St. John Bosco High School, students and their families are valued and significant members of our educational family.

Our Challenging Curriculum Prepares Students for College
All Bosco students learn the advanced skills needed for success in college as well as in the 21st Century workplace. Our curriculum is designed to exceed the entrance requirements set by the UC/CSU systems and immerse our students in a rigorous academic environment that will enable them to become productive citizens. Ninety-eight percent of our students over the last 10 years have entered institutions of higher learning. Recent graduates were accepted by some of the finest universities in the nation, including Princeton, Notre Dame, UCLA, Georgetown, UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford and USC.

Our school competes in the Trinity League, which is recognized as the most competitive league in California and, arguably the nation.

  • We currently have 478 All-CIF student-athletes
  • 82 All-State and 39 All-American student-athletes
  • We offer 13 CIF-sponsored sports with 38 separate teams
  • 75% of our student population participates in one or more of our sports
  • Seven of our 13 CIF-sponsored sports are "non-cut," giving all student-athletes an opportunity to participate
  • Four of our staff members and seven of our athletes have won the CIF Champion for Character Award, and our school has been named a Champion for Character School five times.

Our 36-Acre, Historic Campus is One of the Most Beautiful in the State
St. John Bosco High School was founded in 1940 and has the largest private school campus in Southern California. The classically designed buildings, well-manicured grounds and acres of green fields are a source of pride for our students.

Our Committed, Enthusiastic Teaching Staff is Comprised of Experts in Their Fields
Our teachers are positive, dynamic and inspiring in their approach. They all share the same mission – to instill in students a lifelong passion for learning. Each teaches in the discipline in which they received their degree and/or credential. In addition, half of our faculty has been teaching for more than 10 years. They bring real-world experience to their classrooms and give students the personal mentoring they need along their academic journey.

Our Use of Technology Enhances Each Student’s Educational Experience
Our campus is equipped with more than 30 digital, interactive classroom projectors; an expanded fiber-optic, data bandwidth; WiFi; and voice-over IP phones in all classrooms, offices and facilities. St. John Bosco High School was the first private school to partner with a Southern California Edison program, which brought more than $125,000 in energy-efficient fixtures to campus. Our commitment to technology proves we are a modern campus committed to preparing our students for the modern world.

Our Wide Range of Extracurricular Activities Helps Students Discover Their Interests and Talents
As part of our broad mission to develop the "whole student," we offer a multitude of activities that play an important role in the St. John Bosco experience, not only for a student’s enjoyment, but to help him gain and improve skills, as well. These activities exist to complement our academic curriculum and to enhance the educational experience. Students may choose to explore the arts, music, cultural activities, robotics, paintballing, fitness, cycling, skateboarding and drama, to name a few. These activities have a positive impact on the students' emotional, intellectual and social development.

Our Commitment to Christian Values Develops Morality, Integrity and a Sense of Service
Each day, St. John Bosco actively promotes the development of a Christian community under the direction of our Salesian laity, who seek to deepen each student’s relationship with God and with others. In addition, we encourage community service through numerous opportunities made available to students, including the Hospitality Kitchen in downtown Los Angeles, our Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas Toy Drive, campus blood drives and the Concern for America Walk. These experiences develop compassion, integrity and a greater sense of purpose within our young men.

Our Relationship with Saint Joseph High School Provides Opportunities for Social Growth
St. John Bosco High School enjoys a special relationship with Saint Joseph's High School, a Catholic all-girls school in Lakewood. Known as our "Sister School," Saint Joseph School interacts with St. John Bosco throughout the school year as students gather for numerous special events, dances, activities and theatrical productions. The partentship between the schools provides a safe, healthy environment for social development and friendship-building. This dynamic has been an important tradition for several decades.

Bosco Brotherhood
It’s a term our students use frequently on campus: “The Bosco Brotherhood.” It refers to the deep sense of camaraderie our students experience with each other, resulting in strong, supportive friendships. And, because these friendships are so valued, they continue long after graduation day. Many of our alumni remain close and continue to be integral members of the St. John Bosco community. They share, and greatly appreciate, what

St. John Bosco provided for them: an excellent academic foundation, a respect for God and each other, memories of dances, football games, and spirited school events, and friendships – with teachers and staff, and each other – they can take forward into their lives.