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Set the Future

How to Donate

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Set the Future

Can we, the Brotherhood of St. John Bosco High School count on you to make a donation to the Set the Future of St. John Bosco Capital Campaign?

There have been 74 graduating classes from St. John Bosco and we’re challenging all classes to engage in a friendly competition to donate towards the Set the Future campaign. We encourage you to review the campaign priority list below to gauge your interest in contributing to our goal. The areas of need cover academics, operations, facilities, student support and athletics. Additionally, if you know of an individual or company that values the mission of St. John Bosco, please let us know and Dr. Wickstrom would be happy to visit with them about supporting our campaign.

By making a 100% tax deductible donation to our Set the Future capital campaign, you'll be directly contributing to 800 boys who St. John Bosco is shaping in to men who will follow our footsteps. Please help us Set the Future for our current Braves and those to come by helping us make St. John Bosco High School a national school of choice.

Thank you for helping us, Set the Future! Go Braves!    

Campaign Priority List

Tuition Assistance

$156,000 raised of $300,000: Of our 777 students enrolled this year, 74% receive tuition assistance totaling almost $2.7 million.

Student Technology

$100,000: To help us ensure students can continue their education in the classroom and online due to increased technology demands.

Faculty/Staff Technology

$120,000: Improving the integration of technology and curriculum delivery while providing training and development opportunities for faculty/staff to expand their use of technologies in the classroom.

Digital Library

FUNDED: In 2015 St. John Bosco's library was converted to the Learning Commons, a place for students to work together and collaborate on group projects, study, relax and meet up with friends. A digital library will provide a critical service to the community, offering an invaluable reading and research resource for our faculty/staff and students.

Academic Support Program

$75,000: The need for an extra Academic Support Specialist in Bosco’s STEP (Support Team Education Plan) program has increased. STEP promotes the accompaniment of students through their educational journey by addressing unique learning styles.

Academic Travel

$100,000: Local, domestic and international trips for academic competitions for Academic Decathlon, Chemistry Club, Entrepreneurship, Math Club, Mock Trial and Robotics that raise the profile of St. John Bosco and allow students to compete against the best in the world.

Athletic Training

$75,000: Student athlete numbers are at an all-time high due to SJB's national reputation and success, with approximately 75% of students participating in two or more sports. The increase in needed care for our 600+ student athletes and athletic teams has precipitated the need to expand our athletic training staff.

Security System Upgrades

$100,000: An enhanced school security system offers new and better ways to maintain quality learning spaces for our students. This allows administration and security staff to more efficiently monitor what happens during the day, keeps students safe from harm and allows everyone to feel secure while they learn and teach.


$227,000: Without an established Facility and Maintenance Reserve, grounds upkeep like parking lot renovations, sprinkler systems and building upgrades have been deferred. As the first area of campus a visitor encounters, reorganizing and renovating the parking lot is a priority. This will be added to our newly formed Facility and Maintenance Reserve when future upkeep is required.


$27,500 raised of $75,000: This 6,000 square feet on campus garden will be used as an outdoor classroom for St. Dominic Savio and St. John Bosco. Organic produce will be grown and used in our new Farm to School Lunch Service.

BioMedical and Sports Medicine Pathways

$62,000 raised of $85,000: An Anatomage Table, a life size virtual dissection table for our Biomedical and Sports Medicine Pathways. The Table is the most technologically advanced 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection system for anatomy and physiology education.

Film and Media Arts Pathway

$75,000: The Film and Media Arts Pathway is striving to be at the forefront of digital media and learning. Enhancing classroom technology in film, audio, music and design will empower our Braves to find their voice, tell their stories and be heard.

endowment fund

FUNDED: An endowment fund is an important source of revenue which can generate interest to cover unexpected expenses. A healthy endowment will help us continue the rich tradition of St. John Bosco by ensuring we remain strong financially. We can Set the Future of St. John Bosco and establish the legacy for our community for the next 80 years.


FUNDED: This summer we enhanced the health and safety of our school to prepare for in-person learning with improvement to the HVAC air filtration system, classroom modifications and investing in infrared temperature technology. It is critical adequate supplies are available to support healthy hygiene practices and staff is available routinely clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are frequently touched.

Athletic Operations

$65,000 raised of $400,000: SJB Athletics is a unifying element across campus, galvanizing faculty and students, while building both spirit and identity. By investing in key priorities including facilities, strength and conditioning, team travel and competition, SJB Athletics will continue to enrich our 600+ student athletes and campus culture.

Facility and Maintenance Reserve

$75,000: While we have one of the largest and most beautiful campus' in the state, a large part of campus is 70+ years old. A recent facilities assessment revealed the need for an ongoing Facility and Maintenance Reserve so we can continue to build a physical environment that matches our transformative community spirit and create facilities that support the mission of St. John Bosco long into the future.