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Partnering with our sister school, Saint Joseph, our theater program puts on 4 major productions each year.

Two musicals and two dramatic productions come to life each year, with two being performed in the theater on campus at St. John Bosco and two on campus at Saint Joseph. 

Many Ways to Get Involved

The SJB Theater Program provides an experience that helps to instill confidence, craftsmanship and pride in our young men and offers students the chance to learn the craft of theater through its many disciplines, including:

  • Acting/Performing
  • Directing
  • Technical Theater Design
  • Set Construction
  • Lighting
  • Costumes Design
  • Make-up
  • Publicity

Theater partners with our nearby sister school, Saint Joseph High School and provides a wide variety of performing opportunities including four major productions each year: two musicals and two dramatic productions, two located in the SJB Theater and two at SJHS.

In addition to the annual productions, students can participate in the very popular Coffee House, combining Improvisational Comedy and Open Mic Music Acts. Theater students also have the opportunity to participate in two Drama Teachers Association of Southern California competitions in the fall and spring.

Don't Miss Our Spring Production Opening April 19 at SJB

Join us and support the arts!

Attack! of the Killer Man from the Sun!! is an over-the-top comedy in the vein of old, sci-fi B movies. You'll laugh until you cry when you realize that the fate of the earth is no laughing-until-you're-crying matter.

When potentially deadly solar flares threaten to potentially end all life on earth as we know it, it is up to Lou, his wife, her oftentimes forgetful sister Susan, a bunch of scientists, a park ranger, two aliens, a few members of The Military Government Industry Organization, two teenagers, Lou's long lost brother, and The Creature to potentially save the day.  Or is it?  (It is.) 

Come see the very talented students of St. John Bosco and Saint Joseph bring this wacky fun story to life... Will the world end at the hand of the Killer Man from the Sun?  I guess you will just have to come and find out.

Show Dates

Friday, 4/19 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, 4/20 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 4/21 @ 2:30pm
Thursday, 4/25 @ 7:30pm
Friday, 4/26 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 4/28 @ 5:30pm


About the Director

SJB's Theater Program is run by Mr. Martin Lang, who has worked as a professional director and actor for more than 20 years. Mr. Lang has directed for theatres such as the Pasadena Playhouse, Laguna Playhouse, The Glendale Center Theatre and The Long Beach Playhouse/Studio Theatre.

He employs many professionals for the school's productions from the Los Angeles Theatre Community to give students the best possible opportunity to succeed. This results in a high level of professionalism and production that has given the program a reputation of excellence far beyond that of most high school theater programs.

Production Gallery