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St. John Bosco High School offers every student the opportunity to train and compete in facilities that rival those of most college campuses.

St. John Bosco High School's spacious, 36-acre campus features the following:
  • Panish Family Stadium with a Capacity of 5,000
  • Gymnasium with a Capacity of 1,200 fans
  • Strength Training Facility
  • Swimming Pool and Locker Room
  • Baseball Stadium
  • Baseball Practice Field
  • Two Full-Sized Soccer Fields
  • Full-Sized Wrestling Arena
  • Athletic Training Room for Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • Locker Room
  • Two Full-Sized Practice Football Fields

Athletic Complex Rules & Guidelines

As all of you know, St. John Bosco has invested a lot of money into a state of the art soccer, football and track facility. We have an all-weather track manufactured and installed by Beynon Corporation. We also have an all turf field manufactured and installed by Astro Turf. We need to keep this facility in perfect condition. We all need to respect the rules and make sure it stays in top notch condition for our boys. Keep in mind that this facility is not for public use at any time. It is for our boys and some outside groups who have rented the facility.

Soccer – Football Turf and Track Rules and Regulations

  • Athletic equipment must be pre-approved by athletic department
  • Clean spills immediately
  • If wearing cleats, only cross track where tarps are set up. If tarps are not set up, take off cleats when crossing track
  • Molded cleats or other athletic shoes only
  • No bicycles or other unapproved vehicles
  • No cleats of any kind allowed
  • No dogs or pets
  • No drinks except water allowed, including gatorade, sports drinks
  • No fb sleds, goals, or benches
  • No food items, including gum, tobacco, and sunflower seeds
  • No sharp objects, including tent stakes, corner flags or other objects that can penetrate the field
  • No skating or bicycling
  • No tobacco products of any kind
  • Only players, coaches and officials permitted
  • Private property - not for public use.
  • Spectators stay outside of fencing at all times
  • Use outside lanes while walking or jogging

Baseball Stadium

Strength Training Facilty

Panish Family Stadium

Athletic Complex