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ACT/SAT Prep: Does My Catholic High School Offer Classes and Tutoring?

ACT/SAT Prep: Does My Catholic High School Offer Classes and Tutoring?
Megan Nash

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If you're asking, "Does my Catholic high school offer classes and tutoring for ACT/SAT preparations?" You should know that most Catholic and private schools do. This is because these schools are committed to helping their students get ready for college. 
To determine if your private school offers ACT or SAT preparatory classes, you can check the school's website or ask your principal or counselor.

It's important to prepare students for college entrance examinations through ACT and SAT classes and tutorial programs. These classes help familiarize students with the type of questions, the structure, and the timing of these exams. 
Being exposed to ACT and SAT is helpful for students since they can use these tests as entrance exams for any college and university in the country.

Apart from the college preparatory programs offered by private schools, students also have the option to take classes from third-party providers. 

To save money, some schools leave it to their students to handle test preparations independently. But schools that have invested in offering SAT and ACT preparatory programs have significantly benefited from their investment.

ACT and SAT classes and tutoring programs help teachers prepare students for standardized exams. These programs take the guesswork out of test-taking and help students raise their scores, especially those who won't prepare for these tests otherwise. 
It makes sense for private schools to help students prepare for the ACT and SAT because student test scores are important for the reputation of any school.

Below are more reasons private schools should offer ACT and SAT classes and tutoring programs.


To Even the Playing Field


Private schools are aware that not all of their students have the capacity or are willing to invest time and money to prepare for the ACT or SAT on their own. Preparing for standardized college exams can be an expensive and time-consuming process. 
Offering a school-wide prep class evens the playing field and provides an equal opportunity for all students to prepare for these college entrance exams.

Private schools offering ACT and SAT classes and tutoring programs ensure that all students can prepare for standardized college entrance exams, not just those who have enough resources. 

Many students don't even know that they can prepare for these exams on their own. These programs help students score better in college exams and help the school have higher test scores.


To Teach the Strategy Behind the Questions


If you ask successful ACT and SAT takers, they will most likely tell you that knowing how to answer the questions is more important than knowing the answers. Many teachers work hard to teach their students the content of the ACT and SAT. 

But what is more important is knowing how to answer the questions of these tests. Specialized ACT and SAT classes and tutoring programs can teach students the strategy behind the questions of these exams.

It's impossible for students to know and memorize all of the possible questions that can come up on the SAT or ACT. But they don't have to. What's more important for them to know is how to approach the questions. They need to understand how to apply reason and logic to the questions. Learning the strategy can help them answer more questions correctly.


To Increase Test Scores


ACT and SAT classes and tutorial programs will give students an idea of what to expect from these exams. These classes can help them to be prepared to take these tests and have good scores. Having excellent ACT and SAT scores can bring prestige to a private school.

To Prepare for the Verbal Portion of the Tests
Most students focus on the math portion of the ACT and SAT. They often overlook the language part. Test prep classes and tutorial programs give equal value to both parts of the exam. 

College test prep classes emphasize the Latin roots of English words, so students will know the meaning of uncommon English words. Many high school language curricula fail to use this method.

In ACT or SAT classes and tutorial sessions, instructors break down words by their Latin roots to reveal their meaning. The result: students become more confident in taking the language portion of prep tests. 

The knowledge that most English words have Latin roots will eventually increase their English vocabulary. This is another example of knowing the strategy behind the questions. When they encounter a word they don't know while taking a prep test, they only need to break down the word to have an idea of what it means.

To Teach the Proper Use of a Calculator
One of the skills that students can learn from ACT and SAT classes and tutorial programs is how to maximize the use of a calculator. While it's possible to do well in these college entrance tests without a calculator, bringing one and knowing how to use it well is extremely advantageous. 

Unfortunately, most students don't know how to use a calculator properly, even if high school classes require it.

ACT and SAT class instructors and tutors help students uncover the different features of a calculator. They also teach students how using a calculator can help them answer the questions in the math portion of the preparatory exams. 

Students who don't know how to use a calculator properly are often left staring at the wall, not knowing what to do. But those who have mastered using a calculator are focused on solving math problems.

The Final Say: Explore St. John Bosco’s College Preparatory Curriculum
Without a doubt, it's important for private schools to offer ACT and SAT preparatory classes and tutorial programs. But it's more important to prepare the students for these exams during their whole high school life. That's what St. John Bosco does. 

Our Catholic private school offers an innovative college preparatory curriculum to help students prepare for the ACT and SAT. It's one of the reasons why the school is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking Catholic private schools in the country. St. John Bosco challenges students with competitions, AP and Honors courses, and electives appropriate for their interests.