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How Can My Private All-boys High School Interact With Girls?

How Can My Private All-boys High School Interact With Girls?
Megan Nash

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You’ve likely heard of the benefits of attending an all-boys high school, such as increased self-esteem and gender-based learning. Still, you can’t help but wonder, “How can my private all-boys high school interact with girls?” 

While you won’t attend classes with girls, you’ll still have ample opportunities to interact when you choose the right school. Let’s go over how leading private high schools promote socialization between boys and girls.

How to Interact With Girls at an All-boys Private School

Interacting with girls during high school is critical for boys’ overall development. Proper socialization prepares boys for co-ed universities while helping them develop healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex. 

This can also help them better understand girls, which destroys harmful gender stereotypes. Fortunately, you can interact with girls often when attending an all-boys private school. 

First, review how you can spend time with girls, even at an all-boys high school. Then, take steps to enroll in a school that offers these opportunities.

Attend Co-ed Dances at an All-boys Private School

Attending school dances is an integral part of the high school experience. It’s a tradition that kids across the country share, creating the ideal environment for boys and girls to get to know each other. 

Fortunately, you can attend co-ed dances at an all-boys school. For example, the students at St. John Bosco High School can attend prom, the homecoming dance, the senior countdown dance, and the winter formal with the girls from Saint Joseph High School. 

This is the sister school, and the two meet regularly for various activities. Thus, you won’t have to miss out on making high school dance memories when attending a private school.

Take the Stage During Major Productions

If you have a knack for the dramatic, you can interact with girls during theater productions when attending an all-boys private school. An all-boys school that partners with an all-girls school typically includes stage productions for both male and female students to watch. So, you can interact with other students as a performer or a spectator.

Most partnering schools stage two dramatic productions and two musicals every year. So, you’ll have the opportunity to watch two of them at your school and visit the partnering sister school. 

Additionally, the boys and girls perform smaller productions throughout the year, giving you opportunities to get to know female students. 

While spending time with girls might be your main focus, you’ll also benefit from acting with the opposite sex. This can help you improve your skills to continue with theater in college.

Explore Your Musical Side With Girls From the Sister School

Do you prefer band over singing in musicals or acting in dramas? You’ll also get opportunities to interact with girls by participating in band or color guard.

If you join, you may get to perform at football games and Christmas parades. Also, many private high schools host spring and fall concerts and participate in music festivals and other events. 

The band competes throughout the year, so you might earn some honors to add to your resume when applying for college.

You can take your musical talents further by participating in the drumline or jazz band. The color guard might be right for you if you want to join the band but don’t feel like playing an instrument. You’ll interact with girls during practices and performances as with the band. 

Cheer on the Team With A Sister School

Do you have lots of school spirit? Typically, private school partners together for pep squads and rallies, ensuring that students enjoy this part of the quintessential high school experience. 

Plus, this provides more than a chance to hang out with girls.

Participate in Grade-specific Activities With Girls

You probably want the chance to spend time with girls in your grade while attending private school.

For example, you can participate in the freshman social with girls from a partnering sister school during your first year of school. The sophomore lock-in is next, followed by the junior picnic.

When senior year rolls around, you’ll have even more opportunities for interaction. The schools combine to host the senior seminar, countdown, luau, and brunch. With so many activities, you won’t just interact with girls. 

You’ll form strong bonds that you can take with you when you attend college and transition into your career.

The Final Say: Interacting with Girls at An All-Boys High School

As you can see, most private schools make it easy to interact with girls while attending private school. You’ll have a single-sex environment in the classroom but will enjoy numerous interactions with girls during your time here.

You want to ensure the school is the right fit first, so schedule an on-campus tour or sign up for the Brave for a Day program. Then you can see the school in person, meet other students, and get to know the teachers and staff. Once you leave campus, you’ll realize why many boys love attending St. John Bosco.