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Which AP Classes Should My Private High School Offer?

Which AP Classes Should My Private High School Offer?
Megan Nash

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High school is such an important stepping stone to college—and even life after! Filling your schedule with AP classes is a great way to increase your chances of success, so it’s important that your private school offers them.

This has probably left you wondering, “Which AP classes should my private high school offer?” 

Let’s take a closer look so you’ll be sure to enroll in a private school that can best prepare you for college through an extensive list of AP classes. 


Most Important AP Classes to Take at Private School

Private schools tend to offer an assortment of AP classes for students to take. The coursework is college-level work so that students can make the transition from high school to college seamlessly. 


However, some courses are more important than others. Check out what to look for before choosing a high school in your area.

AP Biology

First, choose a private high school that offers AP Biology classes. Once enrolled, you’ll learn critical skills and information that will help you embark on a career in biology or other sciences. 

Additionally, AP Biology courses are a good option even for those who don’t want to work in the sciences. If you enroll in such a class, you’ll develop organizational and study skills while also improving your critical thinking and analytical writing. 

The data analytics skills learned in AP Biology can help you in practically any career you choose.  


AP English 

The best private schools also offer AP English classes, such as English Language and English Literature. These classes are vital if you want to prepare for a successful college experience and career. 


First, AP English courses help you build strong communication and writing skills, which will be necessary during college and in your career. You’ll also learn how to analyze information so you can read between the lines and interpret hidden meanings. 
You’ll find that these skills will follow you everywhere you go and open up doors that remain closed to others. Thus, keep these courses in mind when choosing a private school. 


AP Computer Science 


You should also make sure the private school offers AP Computer Science courses, including Computer Science Principles. There are numerous benefits to taking AP Computer Science courses, including unleashing your creativity and gaining confidence in your ability to solve problems. 

These classes can also make you more comfortable with technology, which is necessary for most careers. 

AP Computer Science courses might put you off because you aren’t interested in coding. However, Computer Science Principles goes beyond that and touches on interesting topics such as cybersecurity while also covering programming. The breadth of knowledge you’ll learn can help you in all aspects of high school, college, and your career.


AP Psychology



While students interested in a career in psychology may take advanced placement courses, others can benefit as well. These courses are designed to help students build their critical thinking skills, putting them on the path to success. 


You can also learn more about yourself when taking the classes. That, in turn, can help you optimize your strengths while overcoming your weaknesses.

The information you learn in these classes can help you throughout your life. Whether you are trying to ace a job interview or need a way to deal with a problem employee or coworker, you can go back to your AP Psychology days for guidance. 


AP Spanish Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culture might not be your first thought when considering AP coursework, but it can help you break out in college and during your career. If you choose a private school with this class, you can prepare yourself for the global marketplace when embarking on your career. 


Also, you’ll feel more comfortable working with people across the globe and might even be first in line for work trips and conferences across the border. 

Additionally, the courses will help you improve your problem-solving skills, long- and short-term memory, and creative thinking abilities. Your verbal and spatial skills can even get a boost from the demanding coursework. 

While it will be a challenge, the results make it well worth the effort, especially when you realize how much more attractive you are to potential employers when you have AP Spanish on your resume. 


AP Government and History Classes



AP classes in History and Government are crucial for those who want to work in public service or as historians. However, these classes also benefit those who have eyes on other careers, which is why choosing a private school that offers them is a must.


These courses will teach you how to analyze and interpret policy and events while also how to better understand the United States and the rest of the world. You’ll learn the impact policy has on people and communities and what leads up to historical events. 

This can help you strengthen skills in multiple categories, including memory, reasoning, and analysis. That, in turn, can make you a more valuable employee when you’re ready to begin your career.


AP Statistics



The world is full of data to interpret, and you can get a head start by taking an AP Statistics course. First, find a private school that offers the course, and then enroll so you can learn crucial skills to help you in college and your career. 


You’ll learn how to evaluate and interpret data while also developing skills for validating results. These skills will come in handy if you embark on a career in business, political science, geography, medicine, and more. 

In fact, you can benefit from the skills learned when embarking on most career paths. 

Explore the AP Classes at St. John Bosco High School

St. John Bosco High School offers 19 AP courses, including the previously mentioned classes. You can also take other essential AP courses, such as Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Calculus.   


The private high school will do everything possible to prepare you for college and your career. First, though, you have to apply to attend. Review the step-by-step admissions process to prepare to submit your application. Once approved, you can build your schedule with AP and honors classes to get you ready for the next stage of your education.