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Best All-Boys Catholic High School in Southern California

Best All-Boys Catholic High School in Southern California
Megan Nash

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Parents want nothing but the best for their children. This entails searching for the best high school that offers quality education to their children. But with the number of all-boys Catholic high schools in Southern California, searching for the best one can be a long and daunting process. Parents need a set of criteria that can help them choose the right educational institution for their children. Here’s a list of qualities to look for in an all-boys Catholic high school.

High-Quality Instructions

You can't consider an all-boys Catholic high school the best if it doesn't offer quality instruction. Apart from requiring their teachers to have certifications, the best schools also invest in continual training and development. These schools also provide opportunities for their staff members to collaborate and learn from each other. The most successful schools prioritize the professional development of their staff because they know that’s the key for students to have effective coursework and participate in engaging lessons.

Individualized Attention

Excellent Catholic high schools are known to provide individualized attention to their students. These schools recognized that each student has specific learning needs. These schools maintain a healthy teacher-to-student ratio, which ensures that all students' needs are met.

Prepares Students for College

The best all-boys Catholic high schools have clear and specific plans to prepare students for college and the workplace. These schools offer programs that help their students prepare for ACT/SAT and expose them to career paths suitable to them. Highly effective schools also have a skilled and trustworthy guidance counselor who can help students explore their options and choose the class offerings that can best prepare them for their desired collegiate courses and careers.

Offers Extracurricular Activities

The best all-boys Catholic high schools strive to develop their students' academic abilities and offer activities that can help them become well-rounded individuals. These schools offer extracurricular activities that allow students to pursue their unique interests and discover talents that they may not know they have. Through these activities, students can explore new possibilities and gain a wider perspective of society and the world. These activities also allow students to express their talents and skills both inside and outside school.

Cultivate Leaders

Schools play a crucial role in shaping the future of society through the cultivation of the next generation of leaders. The best schools are known for developing not just students’ skills and talents but also their leadership qualities. These schools provide various opportunities for their students to develop their individual strengths. Leadership programs are implemented to help students become more confident, independent, and responsible.

Holistic Development

Boys are not one-dimensional and should be encouraged to develop as a whole person. This is why it's not enough to focus on their intellectual development. The best Catholic high schools recognize their responsibility to produce well-rounded individuals equipped for life in the real world. Schools should have programs that encourage life-long learning. They should motivate students to welcome challenges and intellectual stimulation. All-boys schools should be able to develop men who are not only intelligent but also compassionate, honest, and have a desire to use their God-given talents for the greater good. Our society won't survive if our future leaders only excel at academics but are ill-equipped to face real-life challenges.


To be considered one of the best all-boys Catholic high schools, a school must be student-centered. In everything the school does, the students’ best interest should always be top priority. If a school is student-centered, students will be happy, engaged, and productive. It's also important for schools to encourage their students to form and maintain strong friendships among their fellow students. You will know if a school is student-centered if it has a good retention rate. 

Safe and Secure Environment

Apart from quality education, parents need to ensure that their children are in a safe and secure environment. The best all-boys Catholic schools have the equipment and the capability to prevent accidents and deter potential threats. These schools also hold safety drills regularly to train their students how to behave in dangerous situations. It's also important for schools to foster an environment where everyone is accepted regardless of race, religion, or social status. The best high schools promote a culture that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

Community Relations

Great Catholic high schools know the importance of developing good community relations. This is why they have programs that promote a healthy and productive relationship between the students and faculty. It's essential to hold regular events that provide opportunities for community building both during and after school hours. These activities are evidence that the school invests in the character development of their students and not just in their academic success. This will enable students to thrive in the outside world after graduation. If there are behavior-related problems among community members, the school must address them immediately before they progress.

Parental Involvement

Parents need to be involved in the education and development of their children. This is why the best all-boys Catholic schools strive to build strong relationships with their students’ parents. These schools understand that the task of educating young boys is a responsibility that must be shared by the educational institution and the children's home. Communication lines between the school and parents should always be open. Parents should always be informed about the progress of their children. Schools should also encourage parents to inform them of conditions in the home that may affect the student's performance. The best Catholic schools recognize that if they want to succeed in their mission to develop their students, the parents must be involved.

St. John Bosco has been a leader in all-male college-preparatory education for more than 80 years. The school follows the Salesian tradition of teaching boys with reason, religion, and loving kindness.

St. John Bosco has created a welcoming environment where students are encouraged to pursue something greater than themselves. It implements a holistic curriculum designed to develop students intellectually, physically, artistically, and spiritually.