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Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning for High Schoolers

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning for High Schoolers
Megan Nash


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It’s natural for parents to feel apprehensive about enrolling their children in online classes. The concept is strange for people who grew up studying in conventional schools and attending face-to-face classes. Even the current generation of students are not too keen on attending classes online. In the Student Voices of America Survey conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars, 32 percent of students said that they don’t want to attend online school.

But times are changing, as they say, and the current pandemic has opened our eyes to the usefulness of a remote learning setup. If only students and parents would give online learning a chance, they may discover that it has a lot to offer. Below are the top five benefits of online learning for high schoolers.

A More Flexible Schedule Is Possible

A major benefit of online learning for high schoolers is that it allows them to have a more flexible learning schedule than if they were attending all face-to-face classes.

This means that students who have responsibilities in the morning and work better in the evenings can choose to do their schoolwork at night, for instance. More flexibility might also mean a student can pick up another elective or AP class, carve out time in their day for athletic training or other extracurriculars, or simply have extra time to commute to school in the morning.  



More flexibility can mean better productivity for students. This flexibility teaches students to do schoolwork on their own rather than depend on their peers. This skill to learn independently will be useful when they enter college.

Having more flexibility allows students to discover the learning style that works best for them. If they feel that taking frequent breaks is beneficial, they can take as many breaks as long as they are mindful of their deadlines. Online classes may even be a more relaxing experience for students, resulting in better performance.

Choose Where to Study

Another benefit of online learning is that it allows students to create their own learning environment. They’re not required to stay inside a classroom for extended hours in a day. They also don’t have to compete with other students for the “best seat” in the room. They’re free to create their own study area and make it conducive to studying. As they customize their own learning environment, they can learn where they feel most comfortable.

Students can fill their study areas with inspirational quotes or photos that will motivate them to be diligent. They can fill up their personal spaces with items that stimulate creativity and productivity. They just need to make sure that their study area is free from visible distractions to other students when they go online.

Parents can help their children create an ideal learning environment at home. They need to make sure that there’s a quiet spot in their home where their children can focus on schoolwork. It goes without saying, it’s crucial to have a reliable Internet connection for uninterrupted online classes.

Avoid Social Distractions

Social interactions at school can be fun and also beneficial to learning. However, they can also distract students from focusing on what they need to do. Online learning eliminates social distractions, so it’s easier for students to focus on their studies without the physical presence of friends. Having fewer distractions means they can focus on their classes and get more things done in a shorter period of time.

Some may argue that there are still distractions present in the home, such as television, video games, and gadgets. The Internet itself can serve as a distraction, and students can go on their social media accounts and messaging apps, which make interactions with friends even more accessible.

Some students, however, don’t enjoy social interactions for their own reasons. With online learning, they are not forced to have unwanted interactions with other people. Without the discomfort of being around other people, students can focus more on their lessons and perform better in their classes.

Learn Independence and Self-Discipline

An important benefit of online learning is that it can help students become more self-disciplined and independent. It equips them to be more responsible and develop time management skills. These are traits that they will find useful in college and the corporate world.

A school is a good place for students to learn discipline and responsibility. But sometimes they need to be able to develop these qualities without the convenience of having teachers and classmates around. When they’re studying at home, students need to set their own deadlines and do their schoolwork without physical guidance from their teachers.

Because they are learning independence, online learning can prepare students for life after high school. College is different from high school because college students are left mostly on their own. Students need to be independent learners if they want to survive college.

Online classes can help students to become more self-motivated. They need to be able to complete their school requirements without a physical guide to encourage and guide them. Independence and self-motivation are qualities that would prove beneficial for future job-seeking since many employers look for these traits.

Develop Technical Skills

Online learning can also help students develop technical skills, which is something they will also find useful in college and in the workplace. Of course, students are already immersed in technology even without online learning. But studying online can help them to discover better uses of technology. Instead of just using their gadgets and the Internet for playing games and interacting with friends through social media, they can use technology to learn, discover, and create new things.

Online learning can also help students become more adept with computer software. They may need this experience with various software in college and at work. As they use these tools, they become more confident and productive with school work and their everyday tasks.

St. John Bosco recognizes the value of face-to-face learning. But as a forward thinking institution, it’s also aware of the importance of integrating technology into teaching students. This is why St. John Bosco offers online learning alongside their conventional classes.