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Can I Afford To Attend St. John Bosco?

Can I Afford To Attend St. John Bosco?
Megan Nash

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As you search for the top private schools in Southern California, you most likely came across St. John Bosco High School. You love the idea of going to such a prestigious school but can’t help but wonder, “Can I afford to attend St. John Bosco?” 

Fortunately, the school offers various options to help students cover tuition—meaning you can afford to attend as well. 

Learn more about how to go to this private college prep high school, even if your funds are limited.

Attending St. John Bosco High School: What Are Your Options?

St. John Bosco Catholic High School’s tuition and fee schedule have been released for 2022-2023, and the amounts are based on grade level. 

If you enter as a freshman, sophomore, or junior, the tuition and fees are $15,535. It increases to $15,675 for seniors. 

Fortunately, you might qualify for a scholarship or tuition assistance.

Presidential Scholarship

If you are going to be an incoming freshman, you might be eligible to receive the Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship is for $5,000 and goes directly toward tuition, cutting the amount drastically.

The school selects five incoming ninth-graders who have demonstrated excellence in:

  • Academics

  • Community or parish service

  • Leadership in school

  • Character

While you need to be ready to start ninth grade to receive it, you can renew it each year if you maintain the standards. That way, you can continue to receive the same great education year after year, without worrying about coming up with the extra money.

The application process is straightforward. First, you need to obtain a letter of recommendation from your current school. Then, you’ll submit that along with a personal essay. After the review, you find out if you'll receive the scholarship.

Merit-based Scholarships

If you are an incoming ninth-grader, you can also apply for a merit-based scholarship. St. John Bosco Catholic High School offers the following merit-based scholarships:

  • Youth Ministry Scholarship

  • STEM Scholarship

  • Bosco Alumni Scholarship

  • Active Military or Veteran Scholarship

  • Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

You can see your merit-based scholarship options after submitting your application. Simply log into your account and navigate to the checklist. It will contain all of your merit-based scholarship opportunities, and you can apply from there.

Let’s take a closer look so you’ll have a better idea of your eligibility:

Youth Ministry Scholarship

As a Salesian college preparatory high school, faith is a critical component of the St. John Bosco experience. Thus, it offers a Youth Ministry Scholarship to boys who help further the overall mission of developing faith. 

You can apply if you are currently involved and plan to remain committed to youth ministry. If your involvement goes beyond attending services with your family, you might be eligible for this scholarship. You can continue down the same faith-based path at St. John Bosco if you receive it.

STEM Scholarship

St. John Bosco Catholic High School  puts a heavy emphasis on education, including STEM subjects. Students grow their knowledge in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with hands-on labs and project-based learning. 

If you have an aptitude for STEM subjects, you can apply for this scholarship. Then, you can consider one of the Academic Pathways that focuses on these subjects.

Bosco Alumni Scholarship

Is your father or another immediate family member part of the Bosco Brotherhood? If so, that might be why you’re interested in attending. You’ve heard about the powerful bonds you’ll form here and want to be a part of something special. 

You can also become a member of the Bosco Brotherhood by securing an Alumni Scholarship. Then, you can keep the family tradition alive for yet another generation.

Active Military or Veteran Scholarship

Did you know that numerous St. John Bosco High School graduates have attended West Point? Along with helping prepare young men for military service if that is their goal, the school takes steps to honor the men and women that serve. That includes offering scholarships to those with immediate family members who are veterans or active-duty military.

This scholarship helps reduce the burden for military families so that they can send their sons to a top-rated high school without financial stress. Then, their sons can also pursue a military career if they wish or go down one of the other career paths available with education from St. John Bosco.

Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

You might not realize this, but St. John Bosco has a renowned theater program. Through its partnership with Saint Joseph High School, St. John Bosco students can participate in four major productions a year. 

Additionally, the band program offers numerous opportunities for students to express themselves through music. If you are involved with visual and performing arts and want to continue when attending private school, you might be eligible for this scholarship.

The funds support the numerous programs and offerings at the school. If you have a financial need, you can apply for the tuition assistance program. You can start the process by taking the FACTS Grant and Aid Financial Needs Assessment.

If you qualify, the money will go directly toward the cost of your tuition. Keep in mind that the amount you’ll receive will be based on your financial need. Thus, you will have to pay the remaining balance if the award does not cover the total cost of tuition.

The Final Say: Get Help Exploring Your Financial Options

Are you unsure of which route you should take regarding financial assistance? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help, so make sure to reach out to us today

Our administrators can help you evaluate your options (even more options than the ones we listed above), so you can attend St. John Bosco. With us working together, you can get a top-rated education to prepare you for college and your career. Plus, you will forever be a part of the Bosco Brotherhood and will set the stage for future generations to become well-educated, too.