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How Can A College Prep School Prepare You For College and Life After?

How Can A College Prep School Prepare You For College and Life After?
Megan Nash


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If you’re a student in middle school and not sure what the best step is for high school, does it haveyou wondering about a college prep school? Have people recommended attending a college prep school, but you aren’t sure how it will prepare you for college and life? 

Students who attend a college prep school gain theeducation and so much more that enables them to transition into college and life after.

Take a closer look to understand why this is a vital component of a successful future. Then, you can get the details on enrolling in a college prep high school to finish out your secondary education. 

Top Benefits of a College Prep High School

According to Policy Analysis for California Education, only 63% of California’s public high school graduates enroll in college. However, 96% of St. John Bosco High School (which is a college prep school) graduates attend an institution of higher learning. 

Let’s look at how St. John Bosco and other college prep schools get so many people into college while also putting them on the right track to excel in their careers.  

College Prep Schools Help Students Identify Strengths and Reach Their Full Potential

If you attend a traditional high school, you’ll likely take thesame classes as everyone else. For instance, if you are interested in film, engineering, or another subject, you might not be able to explore it until college. At that point, other students would have the opportunity to be well ahead of you.

College prep schools design more varied curriculums to help students excel in college and their careers. That means you’ll be able to explore courses that you wouldn’t find at other high schools. Then, you can identify your strengths and passions and parlay that into a successful college experience and career.

Choose Curriculum Based on Your Career Path

Many college prep schools offer programs designed for you to choose a specific area of interest. For example, St. John Bosco offers something called Academic Pathways. These programs allow you to start on your career path before leaving high school. 

You can choose a program of interest, such as computer science, engineering, film and media arts, or sports medicine. Then, you’ll participate in an immersive program that includes hands-on learning. 

In other words, you won’t just sit at a desk and soak up information. You’ll actually participate in hands-on activities to help you cultivate skills that interest you. 

If you graduate from an Academic Pathway program (or one similar to that), you’ll have a headstart when you go to college. That, in turn, will give you a leg up when it’s time to start your career. 

Develop Skills You Need for College and a Career

College prep schools do more than provide an excellent education. Offering college prep coursework also prepares students for the life skills they’ll need in college and their careers. 

The challenging coursework helps students become more resilient and organized while also teaching the importance of self-discipline. By learning these skills early, graduates are poised to reach their goals much easier and quicker throughout their lives. 

You’ll Receive a Personalized Education

If you attend a public high school, you can most likely expect to sit in a classroom with dozens of students vying for the teacher’s attention. It’s impossible to get a personalized experience in that setting.

Meaning, that if you don’t understand something, you might not get it clarified in time to earn the grades you desire. Even if you manage to squeak through, you’ll be at a disadvantage when going to college.

As part of the effort to prepare students for the future, college prep schools provide smaller class sizes and personal attention. For instance, the student-teacher ratio is 17:1 at St. John Bosco High School. 

Thus, you can ask questions and get additional help if needed—and you won’t get lost in the shuffle if you attend such a school.

You’ll Develop a Strong Work Ethic

You need a solid work ethic to succeed in college and your career, and you’ll develop just that at a college prep high school. Students are taught that hard work pays off, and they should never give less than their best. 

This message follows students into the classroom, during extracurricular activities, and when engaging in community service. Then, students carry that work ethic with them when they graduate from high school and continue their education.  

Open Yourself Up to New Cultures and Experiences

Most students go through school with the same people from one year to another. Then, they go to college and realize that there’s an entirely new world out there. It can take them a long time to adjust, and some never catch up. 

Fortunately, you’ll open yourself up to new cultures and experiences at college prep schools. These schools often accept international students, so you’ll get to learn about different cultures and points of view. This will put you on the right path to working with others in college and in your career. College and the workforce are competitive, so this is a significant advantage. 

Prepare to Take Your Athletic Career to the Next Level 

Do you want to play a sport in college and maybe even go pro? You might be surprised to learn that college prep school can help you reach this goal. 

While academics always come first, these schools often have stellar athletic programs that help students build character and improve their skills on the field or court. 

St. John Bosco High School’s athletic program provides the perfect example. Many student-athletes at St. John Bosco go on to play at the collegiate level at some of the top programs in the country.

The Final Say: How A College Prep School Can Prepare You For College and Life After

As you can tell, there are many great benefits when attending a college prep school that many students should consider. However, college prep schools aren’t for everyone. So, make sure to do a thorough job when exploring your options. 

St. John Bosco is a premier collegeprep high school. The faculty and staff have helped countless boys develop into young men ready for college and careers. You can learn more about the benefits by scheduling an in-person visit or tour. Once you arrive on campus, you can meet students and staff, sit in on classes, and enjoy the whole experience. Then, you’ll be ready to take the next steps to become part of the Bosco Brotherhood.