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Top Five Events and Activities All Private High Schools Should Have

Top Five Events and Activities All Private High Schools Should Have
Megan Nash

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When people think of private high schools, the level of education is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, these schools are also known for having outstanding events and activities. 

In this article, you’ll first learn about the top five events and activities all private high schools should have. Then you can find a school that offers all the extras you need for the ideal high school experience.

Top Events and Activities at a Private School: What To Look For

Private high schools often have various events and activities to give students well-rounded experiences. The right mixture of activities and events can also prepare students for life beyond high school while helping them make memories. 

Let’s go through some of these activities and events so you’ll know what to look for when choosing a school:

1. High School Retreats

Participating in a retreat led by your high school can be a great way to connect to your classmates on a deeper level and create friendships that will last a lifetime.. Some private high schools or college prep schools offer retreats 

focused on relationships, faith, and community-building.


You’ll learn so much about yourself and your fellow students at the retreats, and you’ll cherish the memories for the rest of your life.

2. Theater Productions

Because theater plays a vital role in student development, selecting a private school with productions throughout the year is also essential. 

Theater helps students build skills such as collaboration, communication, and determination. Plus, it allows them to explore their creativity with other students.  

Whether on stage or behind the scenes, students who participate in theater have the opportunity to create something for the entire school community to enjoy. 

Furthermore, it’s likely that if you attend an all-boys or all-girls private high school, your theater department will collaborate with that of your sister or brother school. 

Finally, it should be noted that while being a part of a theatrical production in high school can be very impactful, so can being in the audience! Some schools even host open mic nights and other less formal events in the theater on campus that you can go to. These, along with the musicals and plays they put on throughout the school year, can be great social activities for you and your friends. 


3. Sports and Sporting Events

Many people are surprised to learn that the best private schools also have outstanding athletic programs. Participating in sports at the high school level has long-term benefits, which is critical for optimizing your experience. 

For instance, sports build confidence, teach the importance of teamwork, and help people understand who they are and what they can do. Participating in sports can also help students build resilience, which can propel them forward in college and careers.

At many schools,ou can participate in cross country, esports, football, and water polo during the fall, while basketball, soccer, and wrestling are on the agenda in winter. Then there’s baseball, golf, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and track and field during the spring. Additionally, some schools offer ice hockey and rugby as well.

Look for private high schools that celebrate National Signing Day.This means that many of their athletes will be going on to play their sport at the collegiate level. 

At top private and college prep high schools,  the coaches and teachers ensure that student-athletes excel both on the field and in the classroom.

4. Youth Ministry

If you will be attending a private school that is affiliated with your religion, then you might want to choose a  .  school with a youth ministry program. Then you can grow your faith while expanding your academic achievements.

Youth ministry programs can include morning mass, all-school mass, altar serving, reconciliation services, etc. Additionally, students have access to campus ministers who are always available to offer guidance and help students down their spiritual paths.

You also have the opportunity to take on a leadership position in the youth ministry program. This will help you build leadership skills that you can use in college and in your career.

Keep in mind that leadership skills look attractive on applications, meaning the position can help you get into your college of choice. The youth ministry program offers numerous leadership opportunities, so you can find something that fits your needs and skillset.

5. Senior Prom

Senior prom is one of the biggest events in a high school student’s life. In fact, people treasure the memories from prom for their entire lives, so you don’t want to miss out when attending a private school. 

Even if you go to an all-boys or all-girls private high school, prom is typically thrown with the school’s respective sister or brother school,  giving the students  a chance to mingle and have fun.

The Final Say: Top Events and Activities At Your Private High School

As you can see from above, some prominent events and activities play a huge role in shaping your high school experience. Whether you’re interested in joining a sports team or eager to go on a retreat with some of your closest classmates—there are so many activities you should explore when choosing the best private high school for you. 

St. John Bosco is a flourishing private high school for students who want to be academically challenged while engaging in vital activities and events. Make sure to schedule a campus tour with us to see first-hand the many benefits of our private high school.