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Benefits of a High School Music and Band Program

Benefits of a High School Music and Band Program
Megan Nash


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Even if you're a student who loves school, it's safe to assume that not every aspect of it excites and fulfills you. While some students enjoy the challenge of tackling a math problem, others have different interests.

Regardless of how you feel about school, participating in a music program will undoubtedly provide manybenefits and will be one of the  most enjoyable activities you’re a part of during your high school experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a high school music and band program.

Benefits of a High School Music and Band Program

Participating in any extracurricular activity in high school is a great way to learn something new, branch out from what you're comfortable with, and even have the chance to connect with other students you have yet to connect with.

We’re listing the top five benefits of joining a high school music and band program to give you more insight into how this may play a role in your growth as a student throughout your high school years. 

You'll Learn How to Appreciate Music

Music lessons provide you with the chance to study your favorite songs. Contrary to what you may have heard, children nowadays are familiar with and interested in much of the music taught in high school music programs.

Band directors and music teachers know that one of the best ways to teach music is by making it relevant to students. This is why most music programs include popular music, such as soundtracks of video games and catchy pop songs. You'll have a great time learning the music you already know in a band or orchestra.

Participating in a band is advantageous since it can broaden students' horizons in terms of culture and history. Bands frequently perform a variety of genres, including jazz, pop, and classical music.

Band members might feel more inspired by looking into music from different cultures to develop an ear for a wider variety of music.

Students can study the history of a piece of music and the processes that led to its development while they practice it. Students can learn about a world outside of their own through music, which may help them later in life.

You'll Meet New Friends

Being a part of a close-knit group of friends is crucial for your happiness and well-being as a student. You need good friends regardless of whether you are starting at a new school or returning to one you're already attending.

When you join a school band, it is difficult to avoid making friends immediately. This is because you and your bandmates will spend a lot of time together.

Every school band revolves around collaboration, and each song depends on a coordinated effort. People will always socialize when they share a musical stage or play a song together.

The school band offers an excellent opportunity for introverted adolescents to move outside their comfort zones and engage with classmates who share their interests. Students can develop their social skills more confidently in a supportive atmosphere like a school band.

The act of making music together forges strong relationships among students. Some of the bonds that start in a school band are lifelong. Consider joining your school band if you're looking for a simple way to make new friends who will stay around for years!

You'll Take Exciting Journeys

Band and music programs offer many fantastic options for trips around your state, region, and possibly even the entire country. A music program offers exciting possibilities if you're a student who thrives on new experiences and travel.

Joining a band allows you to travel and see places outside your school, and these experiences are great for building relationships with other musicians.

Your Academic Performance Will Improve

There is evidence that music education improves academic performance in non-musical disciplines. Music education is a natural choice for those seeking whatever educational edge they can acquire to get into their desired colleges.

Music aids in the development of the brain. When performing a tune, you must be able to keep track of time, read music, handle critical changes, and check your pitch. Every time students enter a rehearsal; their cognitive abilities are tested.

There is unquestionably a psychological connection between mental health and learning progress. This is also why young children are encouraged to engage in music since their brains may readily be shaped to become more effective at processing information.

When kids join their school's band or orchestra, their performance in non-musical areas like English and mathematics improves. But even when it comes to the non-academic qualities that universities seek in applicants, learning music can also be beneficial.

Music broadens your horizons and develops your maturity. Consider joining a band or orchestra at your school if getting into the right college is your goal.

Your Creativity Will Be Enhanced

Joining a school band or orchestra will test your creativity and introduce you to a new musical universe. Learning music at school will provide you with a musical foundation that you can rely on for the rest of your life if you love music and want to understand how it works.

Through music, tudents have a way to express their emotions.. Music can be a lifelong creative outlet for many people. 

Music teachers frequently consider emotion as the fundamental element separating decent players from great ones. As learners develop confidence in their skills, they naturally experiment and gravitate toward the sounds they enjoy the most.

Playing music has also been proven to relieve stress. Students who play an instrument must learn to control their breathing, which helps relax the body and mind. Additionally, players must maintain an upright stance, which can serve as a physical cue to help people feel more confident and less worried.

The Final Say: Top 5 Benefits of a High School Music and Band Program

As you can see from this article, there are a lot of great benefits to exploring your high school music or band program. From building closer relationships with classmates to exploring a more creative side of yourself, a music or band program could take your high school experience  to the next level.

St. John Bosco offers many programs that aren’t always associated with academics. Many students thoroughly enjoy our music and band program and can immediately see the benefits. If you want to learn more about this program or any other school programs we offer, schedule a campus tour with us today!