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How Can I Take Part of My Classes Online and Part of My Classes In-Person at a High School?

How Can I Take Part of My Classes Online and Part of My Classes In-Person at a High School?
Megan Nash

With the advancement of technology, it has been easier for students to combine in-person and online learning in high school. This hybrid learning model has proven effective in enhancing learning outcomes and bridging gaps in flexibility for students.

This article highlights some ways to take part in your classes online and in person, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of both forms of learning.

In-Person vs. Online High School Classes… Or Both!

We live in an exciting time right now in that so much of what we typically can accomplish in person can also be done online. But when it comes to high school, what’s the best approach?

There are benefits to both in-person and online learning, but have you ever considered a mix of both options? This article allows you to explore how you can excel in your education through a hybrid model of learning so that it meets your needs as a student.

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Consult With Your Teacher or Advisor

Before embarking on a hybrid learning approach, consult with your school counselor. Discuss your options and the courses that you can take online. This will help you plan for a more structured schedule that suits your learning needs and help ensure you stay on track to graduate

Your school can also help you with hybrid courses if they offer that to their students. At St. John Bosco, we offer a hybrid learning approach backed by an actual school—making it much easier for students to have real-time support from teachers and resources, regardless of how they mix and match their learning needs. 

Organize Your Schedule

One of the benefits of online learning is flexibility, which is an essential element to consider while arranging your hybrid learning schedule. Make sure you allocate enough time for in-person classes and self-study time for online learning.

Prioritize your needs and consider your individual learning style to ensure a balance between online and in-person classes.

Stay Updated On Course Material

Online learning requires dedication and discipline, and staying updated on the course material is essential, even when learning virtually.

Remember that hybrid learning requires you to make the most of your time to get the best out of the courses offered.

Stay In Touch With Your Classmates

Online learning can sometimes be isolating, and staying in touch with classmates is crucial.

One of the best ways to do this is by forming study groups, collaborating on assignments, and utilizing discussion forums using an online platform. This will help you feel more engaged and motivated to learn.

Additionally, some high schools that offer hybrid learning allow students to use campus facilities and participate in extracurriculars, even if the majority of their classes are online. Check in with your counselor and get involved!

Study Effectively

Effective online learning requires attention to detail and focus. Designating a study space that is free of distractions and has all the necessary resources, such as headphones and a computer, is a great way to keep your mind focused on your tasks. 

A great way to study effectively is by planning your study goals and breaking down your course units into smaller, bite-sized chunks to help manage your workload.

Communicate With Your Online Teachers

Since you have different learning experiences, it's essential to communicate effectively with your teachers

Your teachers can help you with any questions, clarify course material, or provide additional resources to support your learning.

Prioritize Your Goals and Assignments

With hybrid learning, it's important to prioritize and understand what tasks are essential. Prioritize tasks such as important assignments, paper deadlines, and participation in class discussions over less critical tasks. This will help you manage your online and in-person classes without feeling overwhelmed.

A Hybrid Learning Style Can Be A Great Fit For High Schoolers

In conclusion, combining online and in-person learning in high school effectively enhances your learning experience. By planning your schedule, staying up to date with study material, staying in touch with your classmates, and communicating with your teachers, you will enjoy the benefits of both forms of learning.

Hybrid learning is an excellent option for students seeking to balance their academic pursuits and lifestyle in today's fast-paced world. If you want to learn more about our hybrid learning options, please contact us today to learn more!