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Does My Private High School Offer Online AP Classes?

Does My Private High School Offer Online AP Classes?
Megan Nash

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If you're asking, “Does my private high school offer online AP classes,” the best way to find out is to ask your school officials directly. If your high school offers AP classes, you should take advantage of them.

These classes provide plenty of benefits to students. AP stands for Advanced Placement, and AP courses allow students to acquire advanced skills and earn college credit simultaneously. These classes can also prepare students for the rigors of a college education. Students who take AP classes can even skip introductory college classes.

After completing the class, you can take a test to see what you've learned. Investing time and money in AP classes are worth it. Aside from learning advanced knowledge, students also learn how to manage their schedules well, considering they also have regular classes.

AP Classes Explained

AP classes are more rigorous than regular high school classes. One of the purposes of these classes is to prepare students for the AP exam. Students who do well on this exam can earn college credit and skip some basic requirements when they enroll.

There are AP classes in history, English, the arts, the sciences, math, social studies, and computer science. There are also AP classes in foreign cultures and languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

The topics covered in AP classes are similar to what you can find in a higher education class. But the pace of these classes is faster than regular classes. Students must devote much of their time studying for these classes and doing related assignments. In general, students should expect AP classes to be more challenging than their regular classes.

The Number of AP Classes You Should Take

If you want to enter a reputable college or university, then you should take several AP classes in high school. Doing so will increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams because it demonstrates that you can deal with challenging coursework.

According to some education experts, you should take between seven to twelve AP courses to enter an elite university. But taking just four to five AP classes can already increase your chances of qualifying for reputable schools, including respected research institutions.

To avoid burnout, you should still maintain a balanced schedule despite taking AP classes. And keep in mind that it's essential that you do well on the AP test. You'll only be rewarded for taking challenging courses if you score well on the AP exams.

AP Tests Explained

When you finish an AP class, you can take a test to determine what you’ve learned from the subject. You can take the exam with other AP course takers in your high school or at a different venue. The College Board holds the AP exams once a year, in May.

AP exam scores are from one to five. You qualify for college credit if you get a score of three. Elite schools, however, require a score of four or five. You can take an AP test as many times as you want and can register for an AP test as soon as it becomes available.

What are the Benefits of Taking AP Classes?

It Provides an Opportunity to Obtain College Credit. When you take AP courses in high school, you can get credit from several colleges and universities. But you need to get a three or higher on your AP exam. You can also skip introductory college classes if you score well on your AP tests. This will allow you to go directly to the coursework for your major.

It Allows You to Save Time and Money. If you already know what you want to study in college, skipping intro courses can save you time and money. Taking AP tests is one of the easiest and best ways to cut introductory college courses. Skipping classes will reduce the time you need to finish your degree. Taking AP classes can eliminate a semester or more of college classes, saving you a lot of money in tuition.

It Helps You to Get Accepted to More Schools. High school students who take AP courses tend to get noticed by the admission departments of top colleges and universities. So if you want to boost your application, taking AP classes is a sound move. The National Association for College Admission Counseling reports that more than 80% of the colleges surveyed in 2019 considered grades in college prep courses considerably or moderately essential in admitting students. Ideally, you should take multiple honors and AP courses and have extracurricular activities and experience in community service.

It Prepares You for College Classes. You can consider taking AP courses as a sort of practice to prepare you for the tough college years ahead. Because the pace of AP classes is about the same as college courses, they give you a feel of the skills you need to succeed in college. At the very least, taking an AP course can improve your study habits.

AP Class Offerings At Your Private High School

More likely than not, your high school should offer various AP classes for you to complete throughout the four years you’re there. The classes may vary per school, but now is a great time to explore your options and what’s available. 

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