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St. John Bosco High School vs. Loyola High School: Who's Best For Me?

St. John Bosco High School vs. Loyola High School: Who's Best For Me?
Megan Nash

Read Time: 4.5 mins. 

Have you narrowed down your list of private schools but can’t decide between St. John Bosco and Loyola High School? 

It’s crucial to compare St. John Bosco High School vs. Loyola High School to determine which is best for you. Let’s go over some of the key differences to help you decide.

St. John Bosco Vs. Loyola High School – How Do They Compare? 

While St. John Bosco and Loyola High School appear similar at first glance, they differ in key areas. 

First, find out how they compare in categories ranging from religious orders to student-teacher ratios, academics, and athletics. Then, you’ll be ready to apply to the right school for your needs. 

Religious Orders

St. John Bosco and Loyola represent different religious orders. Loyola is a Jesuit institution, while St. John Bosco is Salesian . Both emphasize education but still differ in numerous ways. 

For example, Salesians  focus on educating with reason, religion and loving kindness as they accompany young people into becoming men of purpose. . These characteristics of a Salesian education help foster young people  who not only grow in their intellect, but also in their faith, leadership and citizenship, while developing a work ethic that follows them well beyond high school. 

In fact, graduates often speak about how their time at St. John Bosco helped them cultivate a work ethic needed to thrive.   

Cost of Attendance

While both institutions offer a top-level education, they do so at different price points. The tuition at St. John Bosco is $15,535 a year for first-, second-, and third-year students and increases to $15,675 for seniors. 

Here is the tuition breakdown for Loyola High School:

  • $22,480 for freshman

  • $22,965 for sophomores

  • $22,930 for juniors

  • $23,115 for seniors

Both offer merit- and need-based scholarships and financial aid. However, you can expect to pay much less for a stellar education when attending St. John Bosco. If you want a top-rated education without putting a financial strain on your family, St. John Bosco might be a more sound choice. 

Student-teacher Ratio 

Los Angeles’ public schools are known for massive class sizes. It is such an issue that approximately 30,000 teachers went on strike for six days in 2019. Sadly, the strike didn’t lead to the changes that teachers hoped to achieve. Instead of drastically reducing classroom size, the new deal sets the maximum number of students in a class at 39. 

That ratio negatively impacts learning, which might be one of the reasons you’re looking for a private school. Many private high schools offer smaller class sizes, making it easier to get one-on-one attention. 

Both St. John Bosco and Loyola High School have smaller class sizes than public schools, with St. John Bosco winning in this category. While Loyola High School has a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, St. John Bosco’s sits at 11:1. This means you will get even more personalized attention at St. John Bosco. 

Another interesting statistic that pertain to St. John Bosco and their student-teacher ratio is the student to counselor ratio. The average in the nation is 600:1, and at Bosco, the ratio is 150:1. 

Academics at St. John Bosco and Loyola High School

You will receive a quality education at both institutions. In fact, both offer honors and AP courses, so you can prepare for college while attending high school. 

However, St. John Bosco also offers Academic Pathways for students who want to engage in project-based learning experiences and advanced level coursework in a specific area of interest, such as engineering or sports medicine. 

These pathways put students on the road to success. They can take what they learn at St. John Bosco and go on to a top-rated university, where they often have an advantage due to the rigor of their high school curriculum. 

If you are already thinking about your future, St. John Bosco can help you reach your goals. You’ll feel confident when it’s time to apply for college, thanks to the immersive education you’ll receive at St. John Bosco.

Athletic Programs Available 

If you are interested in playing sports, you can find fantastic opportunities at both schools. Loyola High School offers 12 sports, while St. John Bosco has 13 CIF-sponsored sports. The latter offers 40 separate teams and two club sports, so you can easily find something to join when attending.  

St. John Bosco is also the right choice if you want to play sports in college. Seventy-three percent of St. John Bosco’s senior varsity athletes play NCAA Division 1 sports, so it’s clear that the coaches know how to help students reach their full potential. 

The coaches manage this by basing each program on the Salesian qualities of dedication, self-discipline, and sacrifice. In doing so, the school has earned:

  • Two national titles

  • 129 league championships

  • Nine state championships

  • 18 CIF team championships

  • Four SoCal Regional Championships

International Students

Loyola High School does not accept international students, meaning boys miss out on experiencing different cultures worldwide. 

If you want a more diverse, open experience, you can attend St. John Bosco High School. Students come from around the world, so you can learn about different cultures, understand other points of view, and become a more well-rounded individual. 

Visiting the Campus

The two institutions even differ when it comes to campus visits. You can take a virtual tour or attend an open house to learn more about campus life at Loyola High School. 

However, St. John Bosco provides a more immersive option. While you can take a standard on-campus tour, you can also sign up to be a “Brave for a Day.” This shadow program allows you to attend classes, interact with students and staff, and check out the facilities. 

By the time you go home, you’ll know if St. John Bosco is the right school.

Schedule a Visit at Both Private High Schools

There’s no harm in seeing both of these schools, as both are unique and have different offerings to each individual student.

St. John Bosco is more than a private high school. It strives to enrich the lives of young men. You can learn more by visiting the campus. Schedule an on-campus tour or enroll in the “Brave for a Day” shadow program. Then, you can take in the St. John Bosco experience for yourself. After your visit, you’ll be ready to become part of the Bosco Brotherhood.