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How To Find The Top Private High Schools in Southern California

How To Find The Top Private High Schools in Southern California
Megan Nash

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You likely have dreams of your child going to a top college and then embarking on a lucrative career. Those dreams are more likely to come true if he attends one of the top private high schools in Southern California, right? 

However, it can be hard to decide which to select with so many options available to choose from. 

We’re going over some of the critical features to evaluate before choosing your next high school, more specifically, when looking at the top private high schools for boys in Southern California. 

This article will help you rest assured that he’ll get the best education and experiences needed to excel now and in the future.

By the way, we've been providing top-level education and experiences for young boys from all over the world for the last 82 years. So, you can count on us to give you some great insight when it comes to finding the best high school for your child. 

Factors to Consider: Choosing Private High Schools in Southern California

While some private high schools focus solely on academics, that isn’t always enough to be considered “the best.” 

Academics are vital, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. You want to ensure your child receives everything he needs to embark on a successful path, so make sure to keep the following factors in mind:

Evaluate Pathway Programs

Does your son already have an idea of what he wants to do after completing his education? If so, he can gain an advantage by attending a private high school with pathway programs. 

Once accepted into one of the Academic Pathways (like the ones we offer at St. John Bosco), your son can take advanced-level coursework and engage in project-based learning.

For instance, assume your son wants to become a doctor. You could enroll him in a college prep school with a biomedical pathway. This type of program offers much more than just challenging coursework—although that is a component. 

Your son will also spend time in a hospital setting, where he will gain clinical experience and even participate in medical simulations.

A biomedical pathway is just one of your options, as your son also might be interested in computer science, engineering, film and media arts, or something else. You can even find an entrepreneurship pathway if your son wants to own a business someday. The options are endless! 

Look for a Diverse Student Body

Most kids go to high school with the same people they grew up with, meaning they attend classes with students from similar backgrounds. Unfortunately, it’s easy to develop a narrow worldview when only associating with people born and raised in Southern California.

Thus, consider sending your son to a school that welcomes students from around the country—better yet, the world! 

Your son will learn about new cultures and open his mind to new experiences. Plus, he can expand his friend group beyond the kids he grew up with when you take this approach.

Review the Athletic Options

According to the PCSFN Science Board, youth sports provide immediate and long-term benefits to those who participate.

Sports support mental, emotional, social, and physical health. Additionally, they can help kids achieve educational and career success.

While most private high schools offer athletic programs, some are better than others. Consider the quality of the program and the athletic facilities to ensure your son will receive the optimal experience. 

Also, think about your son’s current skill level. If he has never played sports, you will want to choose a private school that has non-cut programs so he can be on the team, regardless of his athletic experiences or abilities.

Make Sure There Are Clubs and Extracurricular Activities  

Your son can also enjoy some of the same benefits associated with playing sports by participating in a club or extracurricular activity

While some private schools are short on clubs, others, like St. John Bosco, has dozens of choices and even let students petition to start their own. Your son is sure to love the experience and can even add it to his college application. 

Find Out What Opportunities Await Graduates 

Because high school is just one rung on the ladder to success, it’s essential to find out what opportunities await students after graduation. 

First, review the university acceptance rate to ensure students are prepared for college. Then dig a little deeper to find out if graduates commonly attend top-rated universities. If that’s the case, you know the private high school can help your son achieve a bright future.

Ask About the Student-Teacher Ratio

The top private high schools in Southern California have small class sizes to facilitate one-on-one instruction while emphasizing learning. When the classes are small, teachers can give their undivided attention to each student to ensure he understands the course material. 

Thus, you can expect your son to get much more out of his high school experience by attending a school with small class/sizes.

An All-Boys School? No Girls?

When reviewing your options, you will come across single-gender private schools. This may be the ideal option if you want /your son to get the best possible education.

Boys and girls develop skills at different rates, which can be uncomfortable when sharing a classroom. By choosing an /all-/boys private high school, your son will have the confidence to grow and develop at his own pace while embracing any /challenges he encounters along the way. 

There is a caveat that you must consider, though. As part of your son’s development, it may be important to you that he /interacts with girls. 

Fortunately, you can overcome this problem by choosing a school that has regular social events with a sister campus. Then your son can still have the quintessential high school experiences of homecoming, prom, and other events without it getting in the way of his education.

Finding The Top Private High Schools in Southern California

Because you want the best for your son, you don’t want to settle when choosing a private high school. St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, CA, has everything you need for your son to receive a well-rounded education. 

Our all-boys college preparatory school has Academic Pathway programs and challenging AP classes open to students worldwide. 

With a teacher-student ratio of 11:1, boys get the attention and instruction they need to prepare for college, which explains why our graduates attend some of the finest institutions in the country. On top of that, we offer competitive sports programs and numerous clubs and organizations.

Additionally, we partner with our sister school in Lakewood for prom, homecoming, and other events. That means your son /can enjoy the benefits of attending an all-boys private school while still socializing with girls.

Now is a great time to set up a visit or on-campus tour to learn more about our private school. Then you will see why it’s regarded as one of the top private high schools in Southern California.