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Why Attend St. John Bosco High School?

Why Attend St. John Bosco High School?
Megan Nash

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Whether you are a parent or a student, finding the right high school is critical. During your search, you might have heard people talk about St. John Bosco High School. 

But, here’s the question so many of you might be asking, “Why should students attend St. John Bosco High School?” 

In this article, we’re giving parents and students a closer look at what to expect when considering one of the best high schools in Southern California and beyond. 

Top Reason to Attend St. John Bosco High School

From academics to sports and fellowship, there are so many reasons to attend St. John Bosco Catholic High School. Let’s start with the academics and then explore some other options.  

You Don’t Have to Wait for College to Study What You Love 


Most high schools provide general studies, and then students can focus on specialized interests when they go to college. You don’t have to wait for the future to prepare for a career when you attend St. John Bosco High School, though.  


First, the college preparatory curriculum has many AP and Honors classes. Even more exciting, you can choose from six Academic Pathways:

  • Biomedical

  • Computer science

  • Engineering

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Film and Media Arts

  • Sports Medicine

These pathways offer hands-on learning and so much more. From time in clinical settings to access to advanced technology, students receive the tools necessary to gain a competitive advantage in college.  


Take Pride in Nationally Ranked Sports Teams 

As an academically prestigious institution, you might not expect St. John Bosco High School to excel in athletics. However, that could not be further from the case. In fact, the athletic teams have secured two national titles and nine state championships, making it stand out among private schools. 

The high school offers a variety of sports, including a nationally ranked football team. It’s so impressive that the New York Times compared it to a Division I college football team—which makes sense, considering that close to three-quarters of senior varsity student-athletes at St. John Bosco go on to play at NCAA Division I schools. 


The national average sits at two percent, so you’ll increase your odds of success by attending St. John Bosco High School. You might be worried that playing sports will get in the way of learning, but the coaches ensure that athletic development coincides with academic development. 


To back that up, 73 percent of varsity lettermen earn a 3.0 GPA or higher at St. John Bosco High School. 


Graduates Are Thankful for Their Time at St. John Bosco High School

Most people don’t give much thought to the high school experience once it’s over. Sure, they might reminisce about prom or old friends, but they don’t have many school ties. 


However, it’s different for graduates of St. John Bosco Catholic High School. Graduates often rave about their time at this school, acknowledging it helped them prepare for the future. 


Take Anthony Alvarez, for instance. He graduated from St. John Bosco High School in 2000 and went on to earn a degree in Hospitably Management. Now the General Manager of the upcoming farm-to-table restaurant, Chez Bacchus, he credits much of his success to his time at the private school. 


He’s so grateful that he seized the opportunity to partner with the school for his latest culinary endeavor. The St. John Bosco Bread Company and the St. John Bosco Community Garden will provide the restaurant with fresh produce and bread through the partnership. 

You’ll Be Prepared to Enter a Top-rated College

Did you know that 96 percent of St. John Bosco High School graduates are accepted into institutions of higher learning? Graduates have attended some of the finest universities, including Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, and Dartmouth. 


These universities are challenging to get into, but the well-rounded education you’ll receive will put you on the path to achieving your goals.  


You’ll Receive the Support You Need 


With an 11-1 student-teacher ratio, the student receives one-on-one support in the classroom at St. John Bosco High School. That’s not all, though. The school offers resources to help with homework, and the team in the Counseling Department is always available to provide guidance. Students also receive additional advice and support at the annual retreats.  


With so much support, it’s easy to understand how nine young men achieved perfect ACT scores in the previous three years. Students are held to a high standard here, but they are also given resources to reach their full potential.   


You’ll Expand Your Friend Group 


You’ll become part of the Bosco Brotherhood when you attend this high school. The relationship between students is bound in citizenship, intellect, leadership, and faith and lasts a lifetime. 


Also, it’s worth noting that your fellow members of the Bosco Brotherhood will be from around the world. By interacting with people outside of your regular friend group, you’ll be even better prepared for the college experience and a successful career.


A Commitment to Service  


St. John Bosco Catholic High School is committed to practicing Christian values of service. Students have numerous opportunities to help out, including volunteering at the Hospitality Kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles and assisting with the school’s annual Christmas toy drive. 


When you attend this private school, you’ll cultivate the skills necessary to help those in need.   


Support for International Students 

If you consider going abroad to attend St. John Bosco High School, you do not have to worry about anything. With three dedicated international student advisors, you’ll find that it’s easy to acclimate to your new surroundings. 


Factor in the relationships you’ll form with the Bosco Brotherhood, and you’ll immediately feel at home.  


Income Doesn’t Have to Be an Obstacle  


St. John Bosco High School believes that everyone should receive a top-rate education. Thus, it offers scholarships to those in need. 


While it might not cover the total cost of tuition, it can take the stress off your shoulders if you don’t have the resources to pay the entire fee. 


Why Attend St. John Bosco High School?

To be honest, these are only some reasons why students love attending St. John Bosco Catholic High School. You can learn even more by experiencing the campus for yourself. So, be sure to schedule an on-campus tour or a “Brave for a Day” shadow visit online. Then, head over to experience all our private high school has to offer.