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Welcome to St. John Bosco Esports! Our program competes in various leagues across the country.

We take a physical sport development approach to training our teams. Bosco Esports focuses on developing the player, ultimately preparing them for the competitive and performance based demands of professional Esports in college.

The Grim Cup 2022

On November 19 & 20, Bosco Esports will be hosting the largest high school and college combined in-person (LAN) esports tournament of its kind to-date. Come join us, support your school and participate in our giveaways and prizes! Tickets for the event can be purchased below.

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Esports Alumni

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Program Members

Gabriel Giangualano

Class of 1999
Titles: Director of Esports, Director of Transportation, General Manager - Soccer, Economics Teacher, Engineering Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 562) 920-1734 ext. 520