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Partnership Opportunities

As a partner with Bosco Football, you’ll have access to exclusive content and connections. Discover the community that develops National Champions.

Program Support Level I

$250: Provides assistance with purchasing player apparel which is worn in the summer and during the season.

Program Support Level II

$500: Provides assistance with purchasing player protective equipment. Items can include helmets, shoulder pads, girdles, cleats, etc.

Equipment Room Renovation

$3,000: Provides assistance to help renovate the SJB Football Equipment Room where all of the uniforms, helmets, shoulder pads, practice equipment is stored.

Team Room Upgrades

$4,000: Provides assistance to help upgrade the SJB Varsity Team Room. Restoration of walls, carpets, air conditioning units, hall of fame photos, chairs, and video equipment.

Team Travel Bags

$5,000: Covers the cost to purchase Team Issued Travel Bags for the Varsity Football Team for in and out of state travel for away games.

Team Cleats

$10,000: Covers the cost to purchase a set of Nike Vapor Speed Team Cleats for our Varsity Football Team.

Technology Upgrades

$10,000: Provides assistance to cover the technology used in the everyday operation of the football program.

Includes: drone upgrades, camera/video upgrades, computer and video projector upgrades.

Field Equipment

$12,000: Provides assistance to purchase new and innovative field equipment used in off-season training and in-season practices.

Includes: field sleds, blocking bags, step over bags, medicine balls, tackling rings, and cones.

Team Meals (2022)

$20,000: Covers the cost to provide our Varsity Football Team (and occasional lower level team), meals every game-day during the season. This helps us provide the necessary dietary pre-game meal for our players.

Concept Helmets

$25,000: Covers the cost to purchase a complete set of Varsity Concept Helmets for the season. Concept helmets were first introduced in 2013 and have been a strong Bosco Football Tradition over the years.


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