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The Margheritas Guild

Dear Margheritas Guild:

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to St. John Bosco High School. I am so excited to work with you as we grow the Margheritas Guild this academic year. We hosted two virtual “New Mothers’ Welcome” events, which included more than 100 new Bosco mothers. Following the events, we received more than 35 new members of the Margheritas Guild.

In my first two months at St. John Bosco High School, I’ve learned that the people of Bosco are what make this place so special. And you, the Margheritas Guild, play such an important role in the experience of our boys and the connections of our families.

On that note, I am excited to announce that the Margheritas Guild will now be an organization with paid membership. Moving forward, we are asking members of the Margheritas Guild to pay annual dues of $15.00 per member. Members will be invited to attend monthly meetings and will receive monthly newsletters; additionally, all paid members will be invited to members-only service and social events, such as wine tasting events and our regular “Coffee and Conversation” events. To officially join the Margheritas Guild for the 2020-2021 academic year, we invite you to click the link below.

This is an exciting time for the Margheritas Guild! I firmly believe that we can bring this special organization to new heights. The mission of the Margheritas Guild remains at the forefront: we will continue our tradition of service and appreciation, while building an important social connection for the Bosco Mothers as their young men journey through St. John Bosco. Your support truly enhances our students' experiences.

 Thank you and God Bless!

Dr. Brian Wickstrom
President and CEO, St. John Bosco High School

Our Mission

The Margheritas Guild is a women's service group at St. John Bosco named after Don Bosco's mother, Margherita Occhiena Bosco. Affectionately known as Mama Margaret, she became an essential support to Don Bosco's mission of serving underprivileged youth whose presence turned the Oratory into a family.

It is the mission of the Margheritas Guild to continue Mama Margaret's tradition of service and appreciation for the faculty, staff and coaches of St. John Bosco High School and to build a social connection for Bosco Mothers as their young men journey through SJB. 

This Margheritas Guild welcomes all Bosco women - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and female friends interested in becoming a member and supporting St. John Bosco High School.  

-Live to Serve

“The Margheritas Guild is a wonderful way to connect with other mothers and participate in our sons’ high school journey. The bonds we created were rivaled only by the bonds our sons were forming."
– Mrs. Lisa Wehrly
Bosco Parent ’12 and '15
Founder of the Margheritas Guild



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