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Bosco Bread Company

The best mix of seasonal, hand-crafted artisanal breads & goodies made with fresh, organic ingredients from our Bosco Community Garden!

How it Works:

Subscribe by the end of the month in order to get your first order the following month. Orders are picked up on the second Friday of the month between 2pm-6pm in the Campus Store.  Can't pickup? Donate your order to the faculty/staff at Bosco or receive a credit for a double order the following month. Email us at with questions.

What You Get:

Subscriptions are $40/month and each order typically includes 1-2 hand-crafted, fresh-baked artisanal breads, including our signature Rosemary Butter Herb Bread, and 1-2 additional handmade items (hummus, salsa, sauces etc). Subject to change, but you will always get $40 worth of hand crafted goodies and an array of fresh, seasonal harvest from our SJB Community Garden on campus! 

*There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for the bread. Each loaf is unique and hand-crafted with love.  No obligation: modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

Why Bosco Bread Company:

With the mission of nourishing the minds, bodies and spirits of our students and school community, Bosco Bread Company allows our SJB Community Garden and its educational programs to grow. Our Agricultural Science students and Environmental Club work hard to sustain our garden on campus. From seed to harvest, they do it all and then have the opportunity, through Bosco Bread Company, to learn how their harvest is used in the kitchen. Incredible hands-on learning experiences for our students! 

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Please contact us at with any questions! We are happy to assist you. 

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