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Bosco Brotherhood

The Bosco Brotherhood refers to the deep sense of camaraderie our students experience with each other, resulting in strong, supportive friendships. And, because these friendships are so valued, they continue long after graduation. Many of our alumni remain close and continue to be integral members of the St. John Bosco community.

There is a brotherhood, a lifelong camaraderie grounded in faith, intellect, leadership and citizenship here at St. John Bosco. Since 1940, St. John Bosco High School has been dedicated to forming young men of purpose. Our distinctive approach to education creates a welcoming school environment where every young man can maximize his God-given potential to become something greater than himself. We invite you to explore the unique educational experience that is St. John Bosco High School.

"Attending an all-boys high school helped me stay focused in the classroom and on the football field. I’ve made incredible friendships with my Bosco Brothers."

-- Cole Aubrey, Class of 2019
Princeton University, Class of 2023