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THE BRAVE newspaper represents the voice of the students of St. John Bosco High School. With six editions yearly, THE BRAVE combines news, features, and sports with opinion articles and original cartoons. The paper is distributed to the students, faculty, administration, and school's Salesian community.

All students may submit an article for consideration. The editor-in-chief and the team of specialized editors actively solicit new writers for each edition. The editorial page is reserved for the hardworking editors who organize, design, and edit each edition of the newspaper, under the guidance of faculty advisor Judith Day.

The students on the editorial team learn to heighten their editing skills, including understanding the value of word economy with regard to publishing. Additionally, the process of editing their work, and the work of other students, is to be accomplished without tampering with the voice of the student author.

When the galley sheets are formed, the editor-in-chief decides on the placement of the articles submitted. Executive editors and the staff work together on page design and the editing process under the guidance of the moderator.

Students who express interest in writing for THE BRAVE may be invited to participate on the staff. The core of next year's editors will be identified toward the end of the school year and at the very beginning of new year. Teachers may also submit names for considerations. All students who are interested in being a part of the editor team for THE BRAVE meet with Ms. Day prior to selection of the team.

In the fall semester, a journalism course is offered at St. John Bosco High School. Students learn about the fundamentals of journalism and are assigned writing assignments that may be published in the first three editions of THE BRAVE.