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Clubs and Extracurricular

At St. John Bosco High School we offer more than 20 clubs and student organizations, various student publications, and more than 37 separate athletic teams for students to choose from to develop their own unique talents.

The Oratory

The Oratory was opened in 2004 by Brother Noel and Jim Woods '65. It was established as a “safe haven” for St. John Bosco High School students who arrive early in the morning. It offers morning tutoring, games and activities (pool, ping pong), ESPN and local news. Students may purchase food in the Oratory after school; profits are used to purchase/maintain equipment and supplies.


  • Monday - Friday: All Students 
    • 6:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
    • 2:40 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
  • All students are required to have their ID to use games in the Oratory

The Oratory is truly a Home, School, Church and Playground for our students

Associated Student Body (ASB)

In order to promote school spirit and provide democratic organization to advance and finance student activities, the students of St. John Bosco High School promote mutual respect between faculty, students and the greater Bosco community. The Bosco Associated Student Body Executive Board serve as representatives for the student body with proper regard for the legally constituted limits of authority for the ASB as stated in the student body constitution.

The ASB executive board and student leaders organize and coordinate more than 100 activities and events each year. The faculty and administration know that students are the heart of the school community and therefore encourage student input and feedback at every opportunity.

Clubs and Organizations

At St. John Bosco High School there are more than 25 clubs & organizations making it possible for everyone to find a club to participate in. With the various clubs Bosco offers, students are sure to find something that will suit their interest. Don't see the club you were hoping for? Interested students can form their own club though the Associated Student Body's approval process.

If you have a question about any clubs or activities at St. John Bosco High School or would like inquire about forming a new one, contact our Activities Director.

St. John Bosco and Saint Joseph High School

St. John Bosco High School enjoys a special relationship with Saint Joseph High School, a Catholic all-girls school located in Lakewood, CA. Known as our "Sister School," Saint Joseph interacts with St. John Bosco High School throughout the school year as students gather for numerous special events, dances, activities and theatrical productions.

The partnership between the schools provides a safe, healthy environment for social development and friendship-building among the students. Such interaction has been a valued tradition for many decades.

The Following is a List of the Annual Activities Shared with Saint Joseph's Students:

  • Band & Color Guard
  • Basketball Homecoming Activities
  • Brave Jam
  • Drama Productions
  • Freshman Class Social
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Junior Class Picnic
  • Prom
  • Saint Joseph Fashion Show
  • Senior Brunch
  • Senior Countdown Dance
  • Senior Luau
  • Sophomore Lock-In
  • Trading Places
  • Winter Formal

Department Members

Michael Bartelt

Michael Bartelt

Titles: English Department Lead, English Instructor, Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach, The Brave News Advisor, Onori Society Faculty Advisor
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 ext. 504
Dany Benitez

Dany Benitez

Titles: Bingo Office Paymaster, Student Activities Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 ext. 203
Mayra Fernandez

Mayra Fernandez

Titles: Director of Student Activities, World Languages Instructor
Kennith Flaherty

Kennith Flaherty

Class of 2011
Titles: Theology Instructor, Film and Media Arts Pathway Instructor
Phone Numbers:
School: (562) 920-1734 ext. 508