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Faith Formation

Religion at Bosco

At St. John Bosco High School we believe that faith is central to every person's life and that the study of religion is an essential part of a complete education. While the majority of Bosco students and faculty are Catholic, all major world religions are represented in the school. We welcome and respect all faiths and the school community is one that reflects tolerance, global concern, love and understanding among all students, parents, teachers, administrators and alumni.

Religious and Ethical Education

We consider it the prerogative of parents to indoctrinate their children in their family's faith tradition. It is the school's job to build character and train students in religious literacy, as a requirement of citizenship and as a means of exploring their own spirituality effectively. Our goal is to help every member of the school community deepen their sense of reverence, ethical discernment, and understanding of their own faith traditions and the traditions of others.

Religious Curriculum

All Bosco students take four years of religion courses are welcome to attend mass daily in the on-campus chapel and attend a monthly mass with the entire student body. Each student is taught a basic core curriculum within a Catholic and Salesian philosophy of education, in support of the parent or guardian as the primary educator of the young man. The graduate of St. John Bosco High School should be able to integrate Catholic values into his daily life as an active member of his family, church and society.

In addition, the school recognizes itself as a Salesian center for family, parish, education and recreation which is characterized by a method based upon familiarity, affection and trust. Saint John Bosco wrote, “Without familiarity, there is no love expressed, and without love expressed there is no trust.” As a result, a special bond of mutual respect and love is nurtured between student and educator.

Service to Others

A wide range of opportunities for service to others, which for many students is an expression of faith, instills responsibility, initiative and care. Faculty encourage students to envision ways to respond to the call of Saint John Bosco's mission - to make a positive difference in the world.