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Salesian Tribe

What is a Salesian Tribe?

The Salesian Tribe is a community made up of 4-5 Homeroom groups. In total, St. John Bosco High School has nine Salesian Tribes. These groups are made up of students that represent all grade levels. All Salesian Tribe names are based on a Salesian patron - someone who had a significant connection and/or role in the history of Salesian life and culture.

Goals of the Salesian Tribe Community

  1. To Assist in Male, Salesian, and Catholic Formation
    • Tribes meet to discuss and share in order to develop Catholic identity and school culture.
  2. To Strengthen Community
    • The Salesian Tribe helps each student connect with a smaller school community. Each student is assigned to one of the nine Tribes.
    • The Tribe allows students to meet and bond with students from other grade levels.
    • The Tribe allows older students the opportunity to mentor younger students.
    • It allows students to unite, share, and celebrate special events such as monthly mass, assemblies, feast days, and St. John Bosco High School Service Day.
  3. To Foster School Spirit
    • Spirited and brotherly competition engages and unites students within their Tribe and school. The Salesian Tribe system uses competition to promote school spirit, raise awareness, and motivate students to participate in games and charity drives. Tribes that excel in participation and competition will be recognized at specific events and also at the end of the year.
  4. To Provide Leadership Opportunities
    • The Tribe provides opportunities for students to take part in Homeroom Tribe leadership. Each Homeroom is appointed a Student Animator. Student Animators lead Homeroom meetings, discussions, and provide valuable input to ASB and school planning/events.
  5. To Provide Service Opportunities
    • Each Tribe takes part in special events throughout the year. A key event is the St. John Bosco High School Service Day which allows each Tribe to participate in a project such working in a food bank or performing community beautification (painting, graffiti removal, river/nature center and beach clean-up). The Tribe can also serve as the hub for special collection activities such as food, toys, and emergency funds and/or supplies.

Salesian Tribes and Patrons