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Student Affairs

In order to promote school spirit and provide democratic organization to advance and finance student activities, the students of St. John Bosco High School promote mutual respect between faculty, students and the greater Bosco community. The Bosco Associated Student Body Executive Board serve as representatives for the student body with proper regard for the legally constituted limits of authority for the ASB as stated in the student body constitution.

The ASB executive board and student leaders organize and coordinate more than 100 activities and events each year. The faculty and administration know that students are the heart of the school community and therefore encourage student input and feedback at every opportunity.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to promote the philosophy of St. John Bosco High School. Its membership organizes and supports the relational, ministerial and social needs of the school community.

We Promote Catholic Service and Values by:
  • Fostering democratic policies and procedures
  • Promoting school spirit, pride and morale
  • Developing positive attitudes towards law, order and authority
  • Promoting positive human and cultural relationships
  • Providing training and experience in citizenship and leadership
  • Supporting the projects of the school's youth ministry team
  • Providing a forum for student opinion and input
  • Sponsoring, organizing and conducting social, recreational and human development projects for the student body
  • Encouraging participation in all levels of school life: government; clubs; service organizations; youth ministry; and, athletics
  • Serving as a support and liaison between student, administration, faculty and alumni
  • Recognizing and organizing occasions which demonstrate appreciation for the work of administration, faculty and staff

Student Body Constitution

ARTICLE I: Name, Colors and Insignia
  • Sec. 1 The name of this organization shall be known as the Associated Student Body (ASB) of St. John Bosco High School.
  • Sec. 2 The colors of this organization shall be blue, white and gold.
  • Sec. 3 The insignia of the organization shall be the “Brave” in any appropriate form.
ARTICLE II: ASB Membership
  • Sec. 1 Any full-time student is a member of the Associated Student Body.
  • Sec. 2 All members of the Associated Student Body possess the right to vote or hold office under the limitations of this constitution, to offer suggestions to the Student Council through their representatives, and to represent the school and the student body in any athletic or scholastic organization.
ARTICLE III: Student Government Membership
A. Executive Board
  • Sec. 1. The Student Council shall consist of the Executive Board, class officers, club representatives (the club president himself, or his representative) and as many advisors and committees as are deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
  • Sec. 2 The Executive Board shall consist of the Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Advisors.
  • Sec. 3 Voting power is vested in the Executive Board, class officers and club representatives.
  • Sec. 4 Committees and advisors are responsible to the Executive Board and/or to the office that appoints them.
  • Sec. 5 If a vacancy occurs in the office of the ASB President, the Vice-President shall assume that position. The Executive Board shall elect a replacement for any position that has been vacated from among the remaining members. A vacancy in an appointed office may be filled by a reappointment.
  • Sec. 6 The President of the ASB shall have the power to call all meetings of the Executive Board and Student Council, and to preside at said meetings. He shall sign all official Student Council correspondence. The President shall perform all other duties customary to his office.
  • Sec. 7 The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in his absence, and all other duties customary to his office.
  • Sec. 8 The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Executive Board and Student Council meetings. On the first day of the following week after said meetings he shall post a typewritten copy of the minutes on all bulletin boards. He shall also present copies to the Administration and make them available to all Student Council members. The Secretary shall perform all other duties customary to his office.
  • Sec. 9 The Treasurer shall keep a record of all funds obtained by the Student Council from functions and allotments. He shall also motivate, either initially or subsequently, all student body fund raising activities. The Treasurer shall perform all other duties customary to his office.
  • Sec. 10 The Associated Student Body Officers shall, at all times, be representatives first of St. John Bosco High School, then of any student group to which they belong.
B. Government Officers
  • Sec. 1 Class Presidents shall represent their respective classes in student government. They shall take charge of all class-sponsored activities, and carry out all duties delegated to them by the Student Body President and/or Executive Board.
  • Sec. 2 Class Vice-Presidents shall assist Class Presidents in their duties. They may represent the Class Presidents in their absence and with their consent at a meeting of the Executive Board.
  • Sec. 3 Removal or suspension of an officer may be handled in the following manner:
    • A meeting of the Executive Board shall be called with the approval of the Moderator and the matter put to a secret vote.
    • Two-thirds of the vote shall decide the issue
    • Grounds for removal or suspension are:
      • Failure to fulfill the duties of his office
      • Failure to uphold the dignity of his office
      • Failing grades (an "F" in any official grading period)
    • Procedure may originate with the members, Moderator, or school authorities.
    • Any officer subject to impeachment has the right to defend himself before members of the Executive Board.
  • Sec. 4 Any elected or appointed officer may resign in writing.
ARTICLE IV: Candidate Qualifications
  • Sec. 1 The following are general qualifications that need to be fulfilled in order to run for an elected office:
    • 2.0 or better overall grade point average during the last official grading period.
    • No failing grade(s) in any course during last grading period.
    • Students with adverse conduct marks or suspensions during the year are subject to review by the Election Board.
    • The ability to devote extensive amounts of time and energy to Student Council activities both on week days and weekends.
    • Approval by the Election Board consisting of President, Principal, Vice Principal, Activities Director, class counselors and class deans.
  • Sec. 2 Qualifications for A.S.B. President and Vice-President:
    • Must be a senior during his tenure of office.
    • Must have been an active member of the student body for at least three semesters.
    • Must have run and served as a member of the Student Council during a prior year.
  • Sec. 3 Qualifications for A.S.B. Secretary:
    • Must have been an active member of the student body for at least three semesters.
    • Must be a senior or junior during this tenure of office.
    • Must have proficiency in the English language.

  • Sec.4 Qualifications for A.S.B. Treasurer:
    • Must have been an active member of the student body for at least three semesters.
    • Must be a senior or junior during his tenure of office.
  • Sec. 5 Qualifications for Class President:
    • Senior and junior class presidents must have been active members of the student body for at least three semesters.
    • Sophomore and freshman class presidents must have been active members of the student body since the beginning of their freshman year.
  • Sec. 6 Qualifications for other class officers:
    • Must have been an active member of the student body since the beginning of the current year.

ARTICLE V: Election to Student Government
  • Sec. 1 All elections must be announced three weeks in advance. Elections shall be held during the fourth scholastic quarter. Class elections shall be held in the next full school week after ASB elections.
  • Sec. 2 Campaigns for elected office shall be conducted on four regular school days between two weekends. Approved campaign material may be distributed and posted the weekend prior to each Election Week under the guidelines set by the Moderator.
  • Sec. 3 All voting shall be secret on official ballot sheets at a designated polling place.
  • Sec. 4 The Election Board shall consist of the Executive Board.
  • Sec. 5 The Election Board, responsible for conducting elections, shall interview all candidates, enforce all provisions of this constitution, have the power to eliminate candidates according to these provisions, supervise at the polls, ensuring that each voter only votes once, count the ballots, and have the power to call an election null and void.
  • Sec. 6 All elected candidates shall assume office upon the graduation of the senior class.
ARTICLE VI: On-Campus Organizations
  • Sec. 1 Any five students and Faculty Advisor appointed by the Principal may form a recognized on-campus organization.
  • Sec. 2 Before an organization may be sanctioned by the Student Council, it must be approved by the Executive Board. Upon receiving a written application containing the name of the club and names of prospective members, the Executive Board may endorse the organization. Official recognition shall be granted to said organization upon its acquiring a Moderator, approved by the Principal.
  • Sec. 3 The Executive Board shall have the right to suspend or to abolish any organization from the campus for just and sufficient reasons after the organization has had an opportunity to defend itself before the Executive Board.
  • Sec. 4 Each organization must be approved every year.
ARTICLE VII: Maintenance of the Constitution
  • Sec. 1 This constitution shall become effective and be termed ratified when approved by the Executive Board and by the Principal as shown by his signature.
  • Sec. 2 Amendments to this Constitution are ratified by a 2/3 majority of the Executive Board and Class Officers and approved by the Principal. Amendments may not change the body of the Constitution.
  • Sec. 3 All issues concerning Constitutional interpretation shall be decided by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board in the presence of the Moderator.
  • Sec. 4 It is the duty of the Student council Moderator to enforce this constitution.
AMENDMENT I (June 1976): Election Procedure

If there is a lack of candidates running for the office of ASB President and Vice-President, and this causes the candidates to run unopposed, then the ASB Executive Board may vote to change election procedures so that the candidates for both offices are combined and the candidate with the highest number of votes would be declared ASB President, and the candidate with the second highest number of votes would be declared Vice-President.