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Season of Benevolenza

Every year at St. John Bosco High School we have a season that marks our time of giving to the larger community. This year we will be helping our city of Bellflower by taking part in specific drives and fundraisers that benefit our greater community. This year we have the Food Drive, Blood Drive, Toy Drive, and "Support the Cause" Beard Growing Fundraiser. All activities we are doing this year for the Season of Benevolenza will be done through Tribes.


  • Food Drive: Nov. 10 - 17
  • Blood Drive: Nov. 29
  • Toy Drive: Dec. 1 - 16
  • "Support the Cause" Beard Growing

Each cause and drive that we have been sponsoring all goes to a specific cause, for example the City of Bellflower will benefit from our food and toy drive. For the blood drive we are working with PIH Health Donors Center. Lastly, the "Support the Cause" Beard Growing is a fundraiser that will go towards a cancer foundation that benefits research for cancer in men.

Food Drive: November 10 - 17

For the Food Drive we are in need of the following, items are sorted out by your son's Tribe. We are in need of food items for the City of Bellflower, if you could please continue to support our drive it would be greatly appreciated. This could also serve as a service hour opportunity, for every $22 spent equals to 1 hour of service. Should you want to donate for service hours, please save your receipt and place it in an envelope with the following information: Student Name and ID. All receipts for service hours must be turned in by Monday, November 28 to the Activities Office.

Blood Drive: November 29

For the Blood Drive we are currently visiting all classrooms to ensure that all information is being sent out regarding our PIH partners for Blood Donation. Should you want to donate to support the cause, email Ms. Annie Rojes. Sign-ups will be all this week, and the date of the blood drive is Tuesday, November 29.


Feel free to email Mr. Jaramillo (CYM/Activities Director), or Mr. Dany Benitez (Youth Ministry Assistant).