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Brave Together Emergency FAQ

What does the Brave Together Emergency Fund Support?

To assist our highest-need students, we've created the Brave Together Emergency Fund. We are determined to leave no Brave behind and give all of our students the opportunity to continue their high school years at Bosco. Any donation, no matter the size, will make an immediate impact for our entire campus community.

Who can apply for assistance through the Brave Together Emergency Fund?

Families affected by COVID-19 economic impacts can e-mail to schedule an appointment to apply for assistance. 

Why Should Someone Contribute?

While there are many reasons to contribute, passion, pride and knowing your gift will help ensure our future and current students have the opportunity to continue their education at SJB is a big reason. Your gift, whether big or small, not only supports our distinct mission but allows us to continue educating young men in the Catholic Salesian tradition, with reason, religion and loving kindness, to help them become men of purpose.

Are Gifts Tax Deductible?

Absolutely! All gifts to St. John Bosco High School are tax-deductible. Please note, if you receive a perk (such as a t-shirt ) that has a fair market price and, following SJB’s policy guidelines, the cost of that t-shirt is deducted from your total tax deductible amount. For your records, SJB’s federal taxpayer ID number is 38-3913135. If you have questions, please reach out to our Advancement Team and they’ll be able to help you. You may direct questions via email to or call (562) 920-1734 x231.

I Want to Donate via Check. Is that Possible?

Yes! Please send a check made payable to St. John Bosco High School to 13640 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, CA 90706, referencing the Brave Together Emergency Fund on the memo line. 

Can I make a recurring contribution to the Brave Together Emergency Fund?

Yes! When completing the donation form you will have the option to make a one-time gift or a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or yearly recurring gift.

I don’t want to make a donation at the suggested levels. Can I still support the Brave Together Emergency Fund?

Absolutely! Simply fill in the amount you’d like to donate in the top field under ‘Gift Amount,’ and then complete the rest of the donation form. 

Can my gift be anonymous?

Yes! By selecting this option you will not receive any form of public acknowledgment for your gift i.e. social media shout outs. This option does not mean that your donation is anonymous to the Brave Together Emergency Fund Leadership Team and you will receive donor credit and all applicable tax benefits. 

Does part of my donation support any of St. John Bosco High School’s overall operations?

The Brave Together Emergency Fund will support SJB’s Tuition Assistance Program, which helps our Braves in need.

Did you apply for SBA/PPP?

Yes. As of April 17, our application was approved by the Small Business Administration; we will receive a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program to cover school expenses.

What is the difference between Tuition Sponsorship and the Brave Together Emergency Fund?

On Tuesday, April 21 an e-mail was sent by our President and Director Fr. Mel Trinidad asking for help with the immediate need in closing the tuition gap on the current 2019-20 school year. The Brave Together Emergency Fund is a campaign set up to meet the long term financial needs of our families as a result of COVID-19 economic impacts. 

Does SJB receive outside funding? 

No, SJB does not receive state funds. As a Salesian school, SJB does not receive financial support from the Archdiocese. 

Does SJB make a profit? 

St. John Bosco High School is a non-profit organization and does not earn profits. All of the money earned through our signature fundraising events, bingo or donations to SJB is used in pursuing the school’s mission and to keep it running.

Has SJB’s Revenue Sources been affected by the economic impact of COVID-19?

Yes. An estimated $250,000+ in fundraising and event revenue will be lost due to the closure of campus (this includes the cancellation of weekly bingo and the Braves Gala, the largest fundraising event of the year).

When you support Bosco, you join in strengthening an over 75-year tradition of forming young men of purpose focused on faith, intellect, leadership and citizenship.

For our young men, we ask for your support.