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Apply to St. John Bosco High School

Thank you for considering St. John Bosco for your high school education. We know that selecting the best possible school for you and your family is an important process and St. John Bosco's Admissions Team is committed to making your experience as individualized, relaxed and personal as possible.

Discover St. John Bosco's various learning options that were designed to fit the needs of every student and provide access to a top college preparatory education to students near and far. Whether on campus or online, St. John Bosco is dedicated to educating young men with reason, religion and loving kindness to become men of purpose. 

We invite you to learn more about our school, teachers, students and community by scheduling a campus tour or exploring our Interactive Campus Map. Attend one of our online or in-person events and become a "Brave for a Day" to experience the Bosco Brotherhood first-hand!


Learning Options to Fit Every Student's Needs

Full-Time On Campus: Students on campus every day attend all classes in person and have access to every aspect of a traditional high school experience.

Flex: Flex students are on campus part-time and take 3-6 classes online to create a more flexible schedule and/or fit the financial needs of the family. We offer 3 different options for flex students: 

          Flex 3: Student is on campus 50% of the time, attending 4 classes on campus and 3 classes online.

          Flex 5: Student is on campus for 2 classes and online for 5 classes.

          Flex 6: Student is on campus for 1 class and online for 6 classes.

Full-Time Online: Student is entirely online for all classes. 

Anyone, Anywhere: Take one or more single courses for remediation or advancement, regardless of whether you are enrolled as a Bosco student or not. 

Learn more about being a Flex or Full-Time Online Student here. If you'd like to learn more about enrolling in a single course, click here

Why St. John Bosco?

Your Education

St. John Bosco is committed to a tradition of educating with reason, religion and loving kindness. Our innovative, college preparatory curriculum will equip you with the tools needed to achieve your dreams.

Your Experience

Discover your passions while creating bonds that last a lifetime. Whether you’re a student-athlete, an artist or a member of one of our many clubs and organizations, your unique path is up to you.

Your Future

With faith, intellect, leadership and citizenship as your foundation, you will be empowered to join the thousands of Braves who have gone on to accomplish incredible things beyond Bosco.


Bosco is like no other school. The faculty/staff are 110% committed to the success of these young men. My son has become a true man of faith and character and much of this is credited to his teachers who are top notch. We are confident that he would not be where he is today (Dartmouth College '23) without the support of his teachers and counselors at Bosco. Best investment ever!

-- Jeanna Myers, St. John Bosco Parent '19

Admissions Staff

Patty Lazcano

Titles: Admissions Coordinator


Phone Numbers:
School: 562) 920-1734 ext. 265


Michael Crawford

Titles: Dean of Admissions


Phone Numbers:
School: 562) 920-1734 ext. 313


Becky Ellison

Becky Ellison

Titles: Dean of Enrollment Management


Phone Numbers:
School: 562) 920-1734 ext. 234