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The Bosco Difference

Don Bosco’s vision established that the virtues of faith, intellect, leadership and citizenship create the conditions for success among the young.

We seek to actualize Don Bosco’s educational vision in a new era by defining the characteristics of the young man we seek to form -- The Bosco Man. We seek to empower him with the skills, strength, values and faith to meet the challenges presented in the new era. The Bosco Man is an empowered Man of Purpose characterized by:

Faith: A man of integrity, character and compassion, formed in the Catholic tradition.

Intellect: A collaborative problem-solver; professional, informed, mature and prepared for life.

Leadership: A decisive leader who takes initiative and practices good judgment in service to others.

Citizenship: A kind, selfless contributor to his community and an advocate for social justice.

"It all comes down to the system we have at Bosco. The teachers are here for you and are really easy to talk to.
They want you to succeed."

-- Mitch Myers, Class of 2019
Dartmouth College, Class of 2023